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BachTM Original Flower Remedies
from the Bach Centre

BachTM Original Flower Remedies: Dr. Edward Bach originally prepared his flower remedies from his home in Mount Vernon, Oxfordshire in England and then subsequently trained others to do so. This home facility eventually became established as Dr. Edward Bach Centre (or the Bach Centre).

Until 1990, the Bach Flower Remedies were manufactured, bottled and distributed from the Mt. Vernon centre. However due to the worldwide increase in public demand for Bach Flower Remedies, the Bach Centre has now enlisted the services of Nelson's to undertake the bottling and distribution of the remedies, while the original mother tinctures are still prepared by the Bach Centre in Mount Vernon.

Skylark Books is proud to stock and provide the complete range of BachTM Original Flower Remedies from the Bach Centre along with those provided by Healing Herbs, who also provide the highest quality product prepared exactly according to Dr. Bach's instructions.

So, why stock both ranges?

This is simply a matter of being able to supplying according to customer preference. A Bach Flower user may used to one brand and might prefer to stick with it. There may also be a size preference. Nelson's offers their full range in 20ml stock bottles whereas Healing Herbs offers 2 different sizes: 10ml and 30ml. Because of the different sizes in the 2 ranges, price may also be a deciding factor. (Note: Nelson's do offer the 10ml size but only as a complete set, but not as individual remedies, with the sole exception of Rescue Remedy, which is available in both 10ml and 20ml sizes.)

Whichever range and size you prefer, you can be assured of the highest quality Bach Flower Remedies that have been prepared exactly according to Dr Bach's instructions.

We also supply a range of handsome and sturdy wooden remedy storage boxes which will store all 38 individual remedies plus 2 Rescue Remedies. These are available in 3 box sizes: 10ml, 20ml and 30ml.

Also available is the full range of Dr Bach's RESCUE® Remedy products. Please click here: RESCUE® Remedy

Bach™ Original Flower Remedies

The individual remedies:

Agrimony Clematis Hornbeam Red Chestnut Walnut
Aspen Crab Apple Impatiens Rock Rose Water Violet
Beech Elm Larch Rock Water White Chestnut
Centaury Gentian Mimulus Scleranthus Wild Oat
Cerato Gorse Mustard Star of Bethlehem Wild Rose
Cherry Plum Heather Oak Sweet Chestnut Willow
Chestnut Bud Holly Olive Vervain  
Chicory Honeysuckle Pine Vine  

Bach Flower Sets

The complete Bach™ Original Flower Remedy Set  is available in 2 sizes:

The 10ml Bach Flower Set in cardboard storage box:

Contains all 38 remedies and 2 x 10ml RESCUE® Remedies
(A 10ml wooden storage box is also available. Purchase the
set plus wooden box together to get a 5% discount.)
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- the 20ml Professional Bach Flower Set including handsome wooden storage box:

Contains all 38 remedies, 2 x 20ml RESCUE® Remedies
plus 2 mixing bottles.
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- the 20ml Bach Flower Set in portable Leather Wallet:

Contains all 38 remedies, 2 x 20ml RESCUE® Remedies
plus 1 mixing bottles.
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To view the Healing Herbs range of Bach Flower Remedies, click here.


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