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Aromatherapy During Your Pregnancy - Frances CliffordAromatherapy During Your Pregnancy

Frances R. Clifford

Aromatherapy During Your Pregnancy by Frances Clifford charts the aromatic pathway from the pre-conceptual stage right through to delivery and neo-natal care. It is a must for any health-conscious couple contemplating starting a family and wishing to enhance their lifestyle with essential oils and other naturally energetic products.

The author has been in practice as an aromatherapist since the early 1980's, having previously founded the Bodytreats Group with her husband. Together, they have spearheaded a new approach to the understanding of the innermost secrets of essential oils, thus affecting the rationales which govern their use in clinical practice. Most of her time is spent with patients in Harley Street, London, teaching worldwide, lecturing and writing. She specializes in the treatment of cellulite, stress-related illnesses and the care of parents-to-be and their families.

Frances R. Clifford excels in re-interpreting the traditional methods of combining and using essential oils, assimilated from her many collaborations in France over the years.


C. W. Daniel
94pp; paperback; 19cm x 9.5cm
ISBN: 0-85207-312-7


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