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Io Astrology Software for Macintosh

from Time Cycles Research

Io astrology software from Time Cycles Research makes use of Macintosh's superlative graphics rendering to bring the astrologer not only a state-of-the-art astrology package but in a way that is aesthetically unmatched by any other system. The Macintosh as a computer system is the preferred tool for graphic artists throughout the world for its clear, precise and subtle rendering of images and this technology has been admirably exploited by the designers of Io software, especially using the latest Mac OS X system.

The Io astrology programs have developed from strength to strength over decades to bring the discerning astrologer, whether novice or expert, the highest quality in terms of comprehensiveness, accuracy, flexibility, and ease of use. Time Cycles' range of Io software covers everything the modern astrologer is likely to need whether it is chart preparation, interpretation, astro-cartography or astrological research.

Some of the Io range of astrology tools is modular so that starting with the basic chart preparation program, Io Edition, you can add functionality according to your particular needs such as Astro-cartography and Io Atlas. Others such as Io Interpreter, Io Sprite and Io Detective are stand-alone programs.

Io Edition

First and foremost is Io Edition which is the core module of the Io range and offers state-of-the-art chart rendering with a wide variety of sophisticated chart styles and reports. Io Edition gives you a combination of ease and speed in the preparation of • Progressions • Solar Returns • Lunar Returns • Midpoint Trees • Graphic Ephemeris • Coalescent Charts • Draconic Charts • Bi-Wheels, Tri-Wheels, Quad-Wheels • Aspectarians • Numbers Grids and more...

For more details, click here: Io Edition Astrology Software


Io Cartography
(add-on module to Io Edition)
Astrological Cartography - sometimes called "astro-cartography" - is a powerful tool for the astrologer, especially with today's mobile culture. How will the natal dynamics express themselves when the client moves to a different part of the world? Which countries are most favourable for their health, career or creativity? Whether for future planning or retrospective understanding, astro-cartography lends itself well to the professional astrologer's range of tools for assisting clients, or for the astrological enthusiast to explore their own geographic possibilities.

The Io Cartography module adds this "astro-mapping" function to the basic Io Edition module offering a variety of elegant world map images which show the relevant houses, planets and aspects as they apply locationally.

For more details, click here: Io Astro-cartography

Io Interpreter

Natal Charts and Interpretations • Sunrise Charts and Interpretations • Relationship Charts and Interpretations • Composite Charts and Interpretations • Synastry Tables and Interpretations • Transits Lists and Interpretations • Medical Astrology Interpretations • Childrens Interpretations • Solar Returns • Lunar Returns
Professionally written reports at your fingertips. For those who need automatic interpretation assembly, Time Cycles offers a fine line of chart interpreters. These programs all come complete with professionally written text with accompanying charts. Io Interpreter can be used by beginners with almost no knowledge of astrology, as well as professional astrologers. Beginners will find these programs useful as learning tools, since the programs create in-depth explanations for each of the astrological phenomenon in a chart. Professional astrologers can save time using the program's interpretation assembly feature to rapidly create interpretations using the built-in descriptions or their own interpretive text. Birth reports, Forecasting, Relationships, Natural Healing suggestions and Childhood report modules can be purchased.

For more details, click here: Io Interpreter

Io Sprite

A dynamic charting tool with extraordinary full-colour capabilities, the first choice among top astrologers for doing any kind of fluid chart analysis. It can be used for event searching such as specific planetary aspects, ingresses, planetary positions, planetary returns, and more. Spin charts forward or backward in time at actual or accelerated speeds.

For more details, click here: Io Sprite

Io Detective

It’s never been easier to quickly search through thousands of charts. You can search to find clients or friends instantly. Io Detective enables you search using specific criteria. Search by Sign, House, Aspect, Degree, Quality, Element, Name and Date. Io Detective is the perfect tool for exploring the Famous Charts Collection. The Famous charts collection is included FREE with Io Detective.

For more details, click here: Io Detective

Io Atlas
(add-on module to Io Edition)
Today there are over 300 separate rules for Time Zones used all over the world. The Io Atlas knows them all: from War times used during WWII, to Daylight times used today. Essential data like longitude, latitude and time zone info is automatically entered with just a click of a button. Over a quarter of a million cities, including hospital locations are included in this valuable program.

For more details, click here: Io Atlas





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