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Transforming the Soul - Volume 2 - Rudolf SteinerTransforming the Soul - Volume 2

Nine lectures by Rudolf Steiner

In Transforming the Soul Volume 2, Rudolf Steiner speaks about the nature of the human soul and shows how it can be metamorphosed and raised to a higher consciousness, offering practical exercises to assist the aspirant's progress. He also explores the spiritual significance of various expressions of human nature, including laughing and weeping, sickness and health, error and mental disorder, positivity and negativity, and conscience. Steiner also discusses the nature of prayer, mysticism, the mission of art, and the significance of language. Throughout the talks, he illustrates various aspects of his topics using references to significant historical figures, including Zarathustra, Socrates, Plato, Homer, Wagner, Goethe, Hegel and Angelus Silesius.

These inspiring and eminently practical lectures form the conclusion to Transforming the Soul, Volume 1, but can also be read independently.

Rudolf Steiner Press
220pp: paperback; GA 59

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