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Solar Fire Version 9 Astrology Software from Esoteric Technologies has been described as “the Rolls Royce of astrology software” and is certainly the most popular amongst astrology professionals and enthusiasts. Solar Fire is designed for both novice and expert astrologers providing easy access to high quality chart production.

"...the standard against which all other astrology software is measured."
                                                                                                  - The Horary Practitioner

Solar Fire version 9 now includes a fully featured Solar Maps 3

The Solar Fire Version 9 edition is the culmination of years of development and refinement in response to expressed needs for a wide variety of astrological approaches. This astrology program for Windows was first produced in 1992 and has been expanding ever since to become a world leader. Earlier versions brought unprecedented level of ease to casting and working with astrological charts and version 9 adds many more calculations, extra convenience features, more interpretive text, and exciting new kinds of graphic displays.

With Solar Fire's built-in ACS PC atlas, you will have access to the most up-to-date time zone, latitude and longitude information for over 252,000 places in the world!

Solar Fire Version 9 contains something for everyone. For advanced astrologers and professionals, it has a great variety of high-precision astrological calculations, and an exceptional degree of user-customisation. For novices, its innovative point-and-click chart interpretations provide an enjoyable way to learn, and its many easily-explored options are an invitation to experiment with new techniques.

Take your pick from a range of high quality page layouts or design your own page complete with unique wheels with your own layout and colour schemes, your own report design, and even your own logo.

Solar Fire capabilities include natal, progression, directed, any planet or asteroid return, pre-natal, rising/setting, lunar phase, locality, heliocentric, composite, harmonic and harmonic arc transform charts and much more . . . .

Produce elegant, visual time graphs. At the click of a button your transits and progressions appear as a graphic time map.

Solar Fire Version 9 covers many schools, styles and areas of astrology including:

  • Predictive Astrology: (with a full range of progressed, directed and return charts and dynamic listings) as well as a linear time map, graphic ephemeris and transit text reports.

  • Relationships Astrology: (with synastry text reports, synastry aspect grids, positions from two charts sorted together in various types of lists, combined charts of two to 15 people, Davison relationship charts and coalescent charts).

  • Classical and Horary Astrology: with almutens, term directions, traditional square charts, NEW Arabic lunar mansions, profections-planetary hour and day, chart hylegs, Alcabitius Houses, planetary sect, firdaria and primary directions, user-editable Arabic parts, and the unique ability to score dignities and calculate single or compound almutens.

  • Cosmobiology and Uranian Astrology: (with dials and pointers, modulus sorts, midpoints trees and listings, dial printouts, trans-neptunian planets, the Vernal Point, Ebertin-style medical degree interpretations, transits to midpoints in the graphic ephemeris and an Arabic parts section that can be adapted for other types of A+B+C sensitive points).

  • Esoteric Astrology: (with ray interpretations for the planets, esoteric and hierarchical rulerships, E.H. Bailey and Jayne pre-natal charts, and esoteric planets and points, 45 asteroids and access to potentially hundreds more).

  • Locational Astrology: (with new world mapping features, relocated, Johndro and Geodetic charts, and links to the comprehensive astro-locality program, Solar Maps).

  • Vedic Astrology: (with North Indian and South Indian square charts, dasas, bhuktis, Hindu Bhava Houses, Fagan Allen and Lahiri Zodiacs)

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