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The Imperial Astrologer - Chinese Astrology Program
JigSaw (Version 2) - Astrology Rectification, Group Analysis and Research
Solar Fire Gold Version 9 Astrology Software
Solar Maps Version 3
Solar Writer Astrology Chart Program and Report Writer - General
       - Solar Writer Modern
       - Solar Writer Synastry
       - Solar Writer Dynamic
       - Solar Writer Goddess
       - Solar Writer Health and Wellbeing
       - Solar Writer Zodiac Child

       - Solar Writer Classical
       - Solar Writer Medicus
       - Solar Writer Fixed Stars

       - Solar Writer Angel (view in shop)
       - Solar Writer Solar Returns
       - Solar Writer Vocation
       - Solar Writer Kindred Spirits


Software for Macintosh

Io Astrology Software from Time Cycles Research
Io Edition - Birthchart Software
Io Cartography (Astro-cartography)
Io Interpreter

Io Sprite
Io Detective
Io Atlas


The Astrological Neptune and the Quest for Redemption - Liz Greene
Astrology and Compassion - Roy Gillett

Astrology, Karma and Transformation - Stephen Arroyo
Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements - Stephen Arroyo
Astro-Wisdom - Lyn Birkbeck
Astrology - A Key to Personality - Jeff Mayo
Chart Interpretation Handbook - Stephen Arroyo
Exploring Jupiter - Stephen Arroyo
How to Read Raphael's Ephemeris - Jeff Mayo
How to Write an Astrological Synthesis - Terry Dwyer
The Inner Planets - Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas
The Instant Astrologer (Book + CD-ROM) - Lyn Birkbeck
(See discount offer)
Learning Astrology - Damian Sharp
The Luminaries - Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas
The Lunation Cycle - Dane Rudhyar
The Modern Textbook of Astrology - Margaret E. Hone
The New Astrology - Nicholas Campion & Steve Eddy
New Insights in Modern Astrology - Stephen Arroyo & Liz Greene
Practicing the Cosmic Science - Stephen Arroyo
Raphael's 51-year Ephemeris 2000-2050
Raphael's Astronomical Ephemeris - 2003
Raphael's Astronomical Ephemeris - 2004

Raphael's Astronomical Ephemeris - 2005
Raphael's Astronomical Ephemeris - 2006
Raphael's Astronomical Ephemeris - 2007
Raphael's Astronomical Ephemeris - 2008
Raphael's Astronomical Ephemeris - 2009
Raphael's Astronomical Ephemeris - 2010
Raphael's Astronomical Ephemeris - 2011
Raphael's Astronomical Ephemeris - 2012
Relationships and Life Cycles - Stephen Arroyo
Solar Fire User Manual



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