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Isis Mary Sophia - Her Mission and Ours - Rudolf SteinerIsis Mary Sophia
Her Mission and Ours
Selected lectures and writings by Rudolf Steiner

The Isis Mary Sophia compilation of Rudolf Steiner's lectures and writings examines the evolving aspects of the feminine Divine as conscious spiritual Wisdom or Sophia in her cultural manifestations through the Zoroastrian to the Egyptian, Greek, Gnostic and Christian cultures.

Culturally and historically the feminine divine has had many names and characteristics throughout the world: Ishtar in Babylon; Inanna in Sumeria; Athena, Hera, Demeter, and Persephone in Greece; Isis in Egypt; Durga, Kali, and Lakshmi in India. She is the Shekinah of the kabbalists and the Sophia, or Divine Wisdom, of the gnostics.

For Rudolf Steiner, she is Anthroposophia, the Divine Wisdom who descended from the spiritual world and passed through humanity to become now the goal and archetype of human wisdom in the cosmos.

This book contains most of Rudolf Steiner's statements on Sophia. We see him, as it were, "midwifing" the birth of the Sophia, the new Isis, divine wisdom, in human hearts on earth.

Each chapter explores the mystery of the different relationships of Sophia: Sophia and Isis; Sophia and the Holy Spirit; Sophia and Mary, the mother of Jesus (and Mary Magdalene); Sophia and the Gnostic Achamod; and Sophia and the New Isis. Also in a remarkable way, Steiner makes clear the relationship of Wisdom and Faith (Sophia and Pistis) to the Christian Mystery.

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254pp; paperback
ISBN: 978-0-88010-494-4

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Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) called his spiritual philosophy 'anthroposophy', meaning 'wisdom of the human being'. As a highly developed seer, he based his work on direct knowledge and perception of spiritual dimensions. He initiated a modern and universal 'science of spirit', accessible to anyone willing to exercise clear and unprejudiced thinking.

From his spiritual investigations Steiner provided suggestions for the renewal of many activities, including education (both general and special), agriculture, medicine, economics, architecture, science, philosophy, religion and the arts. Today there are literally thousands of schools, clinics, farms and other organizations involved in practical work based on his principles. His many published works feature his research into the spiritual nature of the human being, the evolution of the world and humanity, and methods of personal development. Steiner wrote some 30 books and delivered over 6,000 lectures across Europe. In 1924 he founded the General Anthroposophical Society, which today has branches throughout the world.


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