The Sun is the source of your vital power, principally ruling the brain and heart in man and woman. Its sign location (zodiac Sun sign), aspects to other planets, and house position indicate the vitality of the body, especially in males. The Sun is thus the indicator of health in males, while the Moon governs health matters in females. However, the Sun and Moon are important in health matters in both sexes. The Sun signs and Moon signs at birth, along with their aspects and positions, are regarded as the "fountains of life on Earth". The Sun is one of the vital centers in a star map, along with the Moon, Ascendant (rising sign), and Midheaven (tenth house).

The power of the Sun and how it radiates within you can be thought of as light rays emanating from a light bulb, powering into your body. The Sun signs are divided into the Four Elements: FIRE (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius); AIR (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius); WATER (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces); and EARTH (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn). All males born with the Sun in fire signs have the best prospects for good vitality, as light radiates most freely in a body composed of the fire element. Light also radiates freely in air, and these natives are the next strongest, but air sign people become weakened by worry and nervousness. They need rest to recuperate. The earth element for sunlight is linked with the densest matter, gives tenacity, wear and tear, rather than vitality. Theses individuals tend to recovery slowly from their illnesses. The water element for transmission of sunlight gives the weakest constitution, being a more difficult medium to manifest light (except Scorpio).

The Sun is the giver of life, but is quite impersonal in its influence that the average man or woman rarely contacts its higher qualities in a conscious or positive sense. Planetary aspects, even if hard (square or opposite), are better than no aspects at all, as in the latter, the native is hardly touched at all by its influence. This fact is the reason "Sun sign" prophecies found in the tabloids and daily paper make no sense to some individuals. When well placed, however, it signifies will power, authority, and self-reliance. If afflicted by the Moon or Ascendant, it will make the health feeble and the vitality low.

The Sun rules the metabolic fires of your body's cells. Its placement represents how that energy is needed and distributed. This topic has been termed PHOTOBIOTICS by the author. All biologic life is ruled by the Sun. Your body requires copious quantities of light from many sources to maintain your health, vitality, and beauty. Each Sun sign has recommended foods that tend to foster vitality, as well as dietary pointers, and warnings about certain foods that will disturb your body's distribution of the Sun's vital rays, indicative by your Sun's zodiac placement (the season of the year in which you were born).

In terms of the Zodiac, the twelve signs represent the Grand Man, and rule the different parts of the body, from head as in Aries, to toe as in Pisces. Thus, there is a zodiacal rulership over the body and its organs. In terms of Sun signs and rising signs, it represents where disease potential exists. The locations and transits represent how an organ or bowel will be afflicted since these are rotating, dynamic entities. The houses at birth, signify why disorders will manifest.

Inharmonious aspects to the Sun are angles and locations of the other planets in their orbits in relationship to the Sun. They are called afflictions. For example, if the Sun is afflicted by a hard angle to the Moon, the health will be weak, and the rays of the Sun will be on the cold side, the eyesight will suffer.

ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY: Vitality, the absorption of prana through the spleen, the immune system, heart function, spine and back, eyesight, individual cellular metabolism, the blood and oxygenation, consciousness.



For those with Sun in Virgo the hub of the universe is work through service and knowledge. The symbol of this sign is the virgin with grains in her hands, representing wisdom from the fields of experience. In Virgo the need is to find ways to put one's individual talents to the best possible use and it is why Virgo is known as the sign of service. The key phrase for Virgo is "I analyze". For many Virgos, the need is satisfied by pursuing careers in the health sciences or in other areas such as teaching, labor relations, environmental protection, social work, or religious counseling.

Virgos adapt to change instinctively, and are responsive to the needs of others. They usually adapt to different people and changing circumstances by finding ways to make themselves useful. They are known to be meticulous and in its best form they are efficient and perform duties very well. Their world is subject to microscopic analysis, and they become engrossed in trivialities leading to worry and ill-health. Virgo bodies reject artificial medicines and foods. Food in general is harmful to them when upset or angry.

Normally, Virgos are health conscious, and many make an effort to stay physically fit, becoming picky eaters, if not food faddists. Many adapt to routine exercise or other activities. This sign has a unique resistance to disease once the mind is disciplined by becoming dispassionate in evaluating the performance of others as well as themselves. Foolish fears and apprehensions soon lead Virgos into early invalidism. These individuals are also susceptible to suggestion, especially in health matters, and should choose their doctor carefully.

Each sign has internal, external and structural rulerships. Internally, Virgo rules the abdominal region, large and small intestines, spleen, solar plexus, lower lobes of the liver, pancreas, portal veins, and has some influence on the generative organs. Externally, it rules the umbilicus, hands, and nails. Structurally, it rules the carpal bones.

Virgo colors are blue, yellow, gray, tan, navy, and lilac, while their benefiting color is turquoise. Virgo's birthstones include agate, sardonyx and aventurine. These individuals should remember only to wear these stones if they wish to bring that particular influence into their life. Flowers and plants for Virgo include the aster, chrysanthemum, ivy, fern, lemon balm and cypress.

Beech: Intolerance, criticism, passes judgments, demands order.

Pine: Self-blame, over conscientious, critical of others, exhaustion, over apologetic.

HOMEOPATHIC POLYCREST REMEDY: Nux vomica - Used in the treatment of nausea, indigestion, "hangover headaches", insomnia.

CELL SALT: Kali sulphuricum


AROMAS: Caraway, clary sage, costmary, cypress, dill, fennel, lemon balm, honeysuckle, oak moss, patchouli.

PHOTOBIOTICS: The main problem of those with Sun in Virgo is digestion. The native should chew food thoroughly, eat at regular intervals, and do not drink cold liquids with meals. Virgos should not eat too many raw foods, vegetables should be lightly steamed for better assimilation. They should eat greens like spinach, lettuce, green beans, as well as brown rice, bulghur wheat, millet and lentils to stabilize their blood sugar. Water should be drunk at room temperature, as cold drinks will weaken their digestive powers. Virgos tend to suffer from potassium deficiency. Foods like celery, tomatoes, apples, and bananas benefit them.


AFFLICTIONS: Cancer; catarrh of the bowels, poor assimilation of food, colitis, diarrhea, constipation; hypochondria, chronic disease; peritonitis, dysentery; hypoglycemia or diabetes; food allergies.



Your Sun sign indicates constitutional vigor and its elemental quality (fire, air, water, earth), your Moon sign shows the flow of this vital force and your health. The Moon predominates health matters in the female chart, as well as those caught under the influence of its emotional force. A disturbed flow of the vital force, ruled by the Moon, will cause fluctuations in vitality and ultimately disease. Your Moon sign and its aspects shows your instinctive, reflex actions, and your habits (good or bad). Moon patterns are reactions and habits set up in childhood, and become fixed unless acted upon by the individual themselves. Its location, aspects, and afflictions are one of the most important factors to consider in the health chart.

The Moon represents the personal habits, suffering, worry, and disease tendencies. The Moon sign is always very sensitive and represents the weakest part of the body. Operations should not be performed when the Moon is passing through the native's sign. The Moon rules the body's fluids, lymphatics, and the natural power of each organ, including its expulsive or detoxifying powers. Acquired and destructive habits are generally under the influence of the Moon sign. It rules the period of life from one to seven years, when so many destructive habits and health patterns are acquired, as for example from the parents or guardians. It shows what type of habits you may develop and how they affect your health.

Moon diseases today predominate the health chart. The Moon has a special affinity for the eyes and eye disorders, defects and errors of accommodation, putrefaction of the bowels, autointoxication; and disorders or the breasts, womb, and stomach. Moon forces harden and crystallize the body with age. Moon dominated persons are inconstant, restless, changeable, and variable, and succumb easily to infectious illnesses, colds and flu. The Moon rules the stomach. Today we see swollen abdomens due to excessive eating. Full, round bellies with visual defects reflect just how Moon bound and problematic the aspects of this orbital body is in the health astrological chart.

The Moon afflicts other planets and signs by its oppositions and squares. Ill-aspects show an inclination to little or no exercise. The less afflictions in the female nativity, the better a chance of a long and prosperous life. The Moon sign signifies diseases that are acquired after birth, particularly due to indiscretions, bad habits, and emotional proclivities. It rules the natural powers and immunity. Cancer, the malignant disease, is a Moon disease, and is prevalent in our mood-based society of foul language, nasty thoughts, toxic diet, and bad habits.

It should be noted whether the Moon is above the horizon at birth (waxing) or below the horizon at birth (waning). The health will be stronger with the Moon above the horizon, rather than below. Hard aspects (afflictions) are not as strong when the Moon in waxing or increasing in light.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: The Moon rules diseases that are periodic, return time and again, as in epilepsy, vertigo, menstrual problems, swellings, migraine headaches, and gout. Rheumatism is a Moon disease, caused by the retention of wastes in the joints and fascia. Cancer is a Moon disease, caused not only by retention of wastes but also morbid bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Moon diseases today are epidemic, as obesity, lymphatic stasis, tissue puffiness, autointoxication, fungal/zymotic disorders, and worm infestation affect nearly all industrial populations. Moon diseases are accentuated by working under artificial lights or at night, drinking water from underground pipes and/or obtained from recycled wastes, eating devitalized food stored in refrigerators and freezers, breathing stale, foul or polluted air; and eating slaughterhouse meats.

The foods and spices that benefit Moon afflictions are those ruled by the Sun and Mars. The Sun produces fruits and vegetables which when eaten raw and/or fresh, will vitalize the individual and ward off disease. The old adage, fresh is best, aptly applies to the health rules.

ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY: Lymphatic system, breasts, mucous membranes, menstruation/fertility/uterus in pregnancy, stomach and alimentary tract.

The night is ruled by the Moon, and the Sun rules the day. The ancient astrologers believed that those born during the day are more ruled by the Sun, whereas those born at night are more ruled by the Moon. Moon activities tend to raise the action of morbid germs, while the electric action of the day tends to destroy them. Night activities are less vitalizing than daytime activities. Females and Moon people tend to suffer more at night when ill. Moon people are more restless, inconstant, and changeable. The Moon rules the personality and lower mind, while the Sun rules the intellect and higher mind. Health tends to return when one begins to "see the light".



The Moon in Capricorn indicates a cold, calculating side to the native's nature. Tact and diplomacy are characteristic, along with a streak of timidity or fear. Their complicated emotional nature must be handled with considerable patience and understanding. They find it hard to relate to those who do not share their opinions and values. They have a tendency to constantly worry and may refuse to admit it or even be aware of it. They have very little feeling for themselves and perhaps none at all for others. It is never very easy for them to express their deepest emotions, to feel relaxed and content inside themselves. Fear of rejection is strong. When it comes to romance and marriage, it may take them a long time to find someone they can love as well as trust. Their complicated emotional nature takes a strong toll on their health, especially if afflicted, and leads to chronic forms of disease.

The physical ailments of this Moon sign are diverse, especially if the Moon is afflicted with hard aspects to Saturn or Mars. This position also has a detrimental effect upon the digestion. The native tends to catch cold easily, accumulates mucus, and has pale skin with a poor complexion. They are prone to obesity and abdominal distention with bloating and belching. Women in this sign are subject to painful and irregular menstruation due to worry and anxiety.

SUSCEPTIBLE AREAS: Kidneys, knees, thighs.

AFFLICTIONS: Eye trouble, constipation, gall stones, and wounds that tend to heal slowly, backaches and lameness about the knees.

BENEFICIAL FOODS: Mustards, garlic, onion, leeks, watercress, cayenne pepper, olive, sunflower seeds, almonds and walnuts.

FOODS TO AVOID: Dairy products should be avoided as they increase mucus production and phlegm.

RASHI HOMEOPATHIC MIXTURE: Secale cornutum, acid muriaticum, cocculus, ambra grisea, acid nitricum, arsenicum album, ammonium muriaticum.



Mercury, when well placed in the nativity chart, indicates a good and balanced mind. It rules the cerebral hemispheres. Ill-aspected and afflicted, it shows a tendency to various disorders of mental reasoning, bad judgment, nervous disease, and tendency to gamble, swindle, insomnia, and a lack of spiritual calm. The location in the chart shows what body parts may be prone to neuralgia.

Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, therefore it manifests in diseases related to respiratory and digestive disorders, particularly of nervous origin. Physiologically, Mercury rules the respiration and breath. Mercury afflicted at birth indicates a tendency to shallow breathing. The Hindus believe rhythmic breathing is necessary for direct link between the soul and mind. Unrhythmic breathing severs this connection leading to nervous conditions, those easily influenced by others, proneness to depression, and even insanity. Proper and unregulated breathing beginning in early life leads to a cascade of pathological actions including lack of intellectual development, oxygen deficient blood, tendency to overeat since the diaphragm does not "massage" the stomach due to stifled breathing, lymphatic stasis since breathing opens the lymph channels, and lethargy due to lack of vital force and sluggish pranic currents. Mercury placement indicates much more than the mundane astrology books indicate.

Mercury is considered a neutral planet, in that its transmissions are governed by the aspects to other planets in the chart. When Mercury conjuncts the Sun, the ego is involved; aspected to the Moon, the subconscious and habits; to Jupiter, exaggeration, etc. When Mercury's nervous messages are distorted by the rays of another planet, inaccurate reception of information and inappropriate neural commands are likely. Simply, response does not match stimulus resulting in unbalanced behavior. If the large planets are involved, this can translate into important health consequences.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Mercury's chief influence is on the nerves. In regards to aches and pains, the placement of Mercury in the sign of body rulership shows tendency to affliction when ill-aspected. Thus, Mercury in Aries shows the tendency to headaches, in Taurus a tendency to laryngitis and sore throats, in Gemini chest pains, etc. To offset Mercury afflictions and thus reduce tendency to aches and pains, the native must learn proper and rhythmic breathing. Taking up study of yoga or Chinese Ch'i Kung would be of great benefit.

ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY: Nervous system, nervous faculties; breathing, the hands, the touch; organs of speech and hearing.



Mercury in Virgo is exalted, consequently when well-aspected it indicates a clear, logical, scientific mind, and the ability and eloquence to express oneself fluently in a number of languages. These individuals have sharp, analytical abilities. It gives these people comprehensive, discriminating outlooks on life, and conclusions that are usually practical and to the point. When Mercury is afflicted in Virgo it makes these individuals irritable, critical and selfish. People with Mercury in Virgo make excellent dietitians and chemists. They also have unusual dexterity and their curiosity leads them down many paths, mentally as well as physically. This position can indicate hyperinsulinism which means drops in blood sugar, hypoglycemia, and tendency to gain weight. The native should drink adequate amounts of water (6-8 glasses daily), and especially a glass of water when the hunger sensation arises. This can offset those "sugar blues" and ward off excessive eating. The native should also avoid washing with animal based tallow-bar soaps to maintain a good complexion.

SUSCEPTIBLE AREAS: Head, breast, heart.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Bowel disorders with nervous indigestion, constipation, flatulence and "wind colic", gastroenteritis, diarrhea, obstruction, parasite infection; nervous debility and mental strain, shallow breathing with lack of vitality, an overactive mind; bad complexion; and affections of the heart.

NERVINES: Dill, almonds, celery juice.



From the days of Hippocrates, father of Western medicine (Fifth century B. C.), the ancients emphasized the value of diet and exercise as the prime methods of restoration of health and longevity. The ancient figurines of women, known as the "Venus statues", depict a bottom heavy, obese figure of a woman. Some of these Paleolithic figurines are believed to be more than 20,000 years old. They are found in all areas of Europe, as far away as Russia, and they all show women with huge, fat hips and buttocks. Today, it is known as the "Venus Syndrome", the connection between Venus and the lower body fat, today referred to as "cellulite" - the thickening and laxity of connective tissue beneath the skin, around gelatinous pockets of fat, which traps toxic matter and body wastes.

Venus is the principle of harmony, equilibrium, homeostasis, and thus rules the body's hormonal secretions. The Moon and Venus rule strongly over the affairs and health of women. It rules over all regulatory and secretory functions, especially the female sexual hormones. It rules the chemical composition of the body's fluids, acidity and alkalinity, sodium-potassium balance, and the other mineral ions. The planet is basically benefic in action, but in hard aspect frequently points to numerous little disorders, showing a general relaxation of the system and body tone, but eventually debilitates the native as the years pass. Its afflictions are generally maladies due to indiscretions in diet and habit.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Venus has traditionally been associated with diabetes. Hard aspects to Venus point to lack of homeostasis, lack of tone, congestion and swelling of the body's tissues; cyst formation; and kidney disorders. Venus also rules over the veins and indicates such disorders as varicose veins, hemorrhoids, vascular spiders, etc.

ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY: Homeostasis, hormonal balance, ovaries, kidneys, venous system, tissue tone, nutritional functions, skin and complexion.



Venus in Virgo indicates individuals with much sympathy for the sick, therefore many people with this position become successful nurses, dietitians, and therapists. These natives enjoy good relations with fellow workers and employees. Individuals with Venus in Virgo may be somewhat inhibited when it comes to establishing social or sexual relationships. Close friendships may be few, but are handled with care and responsibility. Afflictions to Venus indicate secret unions and strange experiences towards the close of life. This position can indicate irregular peristalsis and blood sugar problems, including hypoglycemia and diabetic tendencies. There is also tendency to allergy from dairy products.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Irregularities of the bowels, obstruction, intestinal mucus, diarrhea, and parasites from wrong diet, sluggish peristalsis and constipation; liver problems; intestinal parasites, tapeworm; hiatal hernia.


SUSCEPTIBLE AREAS: Feet, stomach, heart, belly.



Mars is known as the "lesser unfortunate", and Saturn is known as the "greater unfortunate", as both are considered malefic planets. The action of Mars is acute and violent, heating, inflammatory, and febrile. Mars rules one's physical energy, expressed as either self-assertiveness and healthy efforts, or aggression and hostility. Mars actions include arousal, erection, and penetration. Mars diseases are traumatic, contagious, burning, blistering, leaving scars, pock marks, and disfigurements. They are diseases that arise from anger, frustration, madness, and wickedness. When Mars is well aspected, it shows a strong constitution, good physical endurance and independence. Natives under strong benefic influence are practical, handle instruments well, and make good surgeons and dentists. When unfavorably aspected, the native is prone to fits of fury, argumentative, and liable to accidents.

Esoterically speaking, Mars, like the Moon, is one of the planets that loses its influence as spiritual faculties are developed. It is a planetary influence where its principal expression - anger - always brings reciprocal negative reactions of the worst kind. To better understand its influence in the native, the house location indicates the external conditions in the life of the native that needs spiritual development. The zodiac sign location of Mars indicates the body's susceptible areas where the negative emotion of anger will raise havoc and disorder.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Inflammations and scars on the body parts ruled by the zodiac sign or house of its placement; alterations in blood chemistry, especially glucose, calcium, magnesium; geloses and myogeloses in muscular tissues; liver torpidity and congestion; genitourinary infections; hypertension and hypertensive headaches, migraine.

ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY: Body heat, inflammatory response, adrenal function, formation of hemoglobin and blood clots, digestion of food, muscular activity, glycogen storage and liver function, genitals.



Those who have Mars in Taurus are usually very practical and deliberate, and have good foresight and organizing and executive abilities. These people are not easily thwarted by obstacles and push forward until their goal is reached. This location indicates good earning capacity, and if Mars is favorably aspected it indicates money by legacy. These people are liberal, and very often spend lavishly on clothing and fine foods. If Mars is afflicted the native is exceedingly stubborn, the speech is blunt, and when such persons become angry they are apt to be bullheaded. If legacy comes to them there is danger of losing it through legal trouble. There is also danger of unfavorable unions, powerful opponents, scandal and monetary difficulties which are usually the outcome of living too lavishly or by domestic troubles. They are likely to possess great physical strength and stamina, or at least have the capacity to develop these qualities. This position indicates tendency to sore throats and the native should drink adequate amounts of water (6-8 glasses daily) and avoid eating hot and spicy foods to offset infection and inflammations.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Troubles of the throat, pharyngitis, angina, laryngitis, enlarged adenoids and tonsils; asthma, bronchitis and tendency to catch pneumonia, hay fever; bowel disease from gluttony and spicy foods; ovarian disease; fractures; arrhythmia; kidney stones; foul, swollen tongue, glossitis, halitosis.

ANTIPHLOGISTICS/COOLANTS: Avocado, banana, almonds, celery, spinach, mango.

VULNERARIES: Comfrey, arnica.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Death by burns (especially if afflicting the Sun, Moon or Ascendant); death by strangulation; given to treachery; obstinate in religious matters, refusal to admit wrong or change beliefs.

SUSCEPTIBLE AREAS: Kidneys, throat.



When favorably aspected, Jupiter shows one's tendency to benevolence and jovial disposition. These natives are courteous, refined, law abiding, and honorable. When adversely aspected, it denotes lawlessness, self-indulgence, carelessness in meeting obligations, and gluttony which results in ill-health.

Medically, Jupiter in the natal chart rules the liver, the main organ for balance and detoxification, reception of the intestinal portal circulation, and control of fat utilization. Thus, Jupiter rules fat metabolism. It rules the arterial blood, and the functions of digestive assimilation, especially in regards to the liver. Jupiter also rules the adrenals and the storage of glycogen, and thus has influence over the stamina and muscular power. The placement of Jupiter points to those herbs and dietetics that will best suit the native for detoxification and periodic cleansing of the bowels and thus the liver.

Although Jupiter by nature is benefic, it has a malefic influence when in hard aspect to the Sun, Moon or Ascendant; and in the sixth house. Most of its maladies are accentuated by indiscretions in diet leading to blood disorders, toxicity, and fatty accumulations.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Obesity, toxicity, hypertension, abdominal fullness, diseases from "high living", stroke, hemorrhagic diseases, jaundice.

ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY: Liver functions, especially detoxification and glycogen storage, production of urea and bile; fat metabolism; blood and arterial system; growth hormone.



Jupiter in Aquarius, when well-aspected, indicates a humane, optimistic, original and philosophic mind. The native is fond of friends and company and is interested in science, mysticism, literature and music. This is a good aspect of general success in life, but if Jupiter is afflicted it makes these individuals restless, nervous and erratic with a lack of inclination for serious work which is bad for their health.

SUSCEPTIBLE AREAS: Feet, arms, shoulders, breast.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Hypertension with edema, swelling of the ankles, poor circulation and impure blood, apoplexy, palpitation; lumbago, flying pains and colic; disorders of the arms.

LIVER CLEANSING: Red vegetables and fruits - beet, radish, strawberries, peppers, etc. mixed with carrot juice to taste.



In Greek, Saturn is known as "kronos", from which our word "chronic" is taken. Permanent disease is signified by the placement of Saturn in the chart, and its course and attack by the motion of other planets. Its action signifies binding, crystallizing, cold, dry, hardening, depleting, obstructing, retarding, and suppressing. The afflictions of Saturn are for prolonged periods, whereas Mars afflicts more acutely, for short periods.

Saturn's placement in the chart is associated with the solid matter of one's body, ruling all dense components and processes. Saturn in any part of the horoscope is considered an affliction to the zodiac sign, house, and parts of the body so ruled. It tends to weaken and make one more liable to disease, and the sign and parts ruled are usually considered the most vulnerable, even to cause death through disease and malignancy. Those parts ruled at birth by Saturn indicate reduced nerve and energy supply, insufficient oxygenation, accumulation of tissue acids, and thus fibrositis, myositis, and rheumatism. The planet Saturn indicates subnormal conditions by inhibition, retention, and suppression. The medical astrologers at the turn of the century stated that carcinoma is most liable to occur in that part ruled by the sign that Saturn is in at birth. Saturn also has rulership over the blood's clotting factors, the parathyroids, and calcium metabolism.

Saturn's afflictions come from lack of self control, spiritual development, and materialistic tendencies. When manifested negatively, Saturn's principle action is quite simply fear. The hard aspects indicate opportunity to come to terms with a specific kind of fear. The type of fear is indicated by Saturn's aspects (conjunct, square or opposition) to the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury or Venus.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Typical Saturnine problems are chronic skin complaints, stiffness of the joints and muscles, deformity; dental problems; deafness; depression; slowed atrophy and functioning of the body's processes; scleroses of the body's tissues, rheumatism from accumulated tissue wastes in the sign or house of the nativity chart.

Subluxations of the spine are partial dislocations of the vertebra which impinge and put pressure on the nerves passing through them, shutting off nerve supply and causing irritation and pain leading to disease. Along the lines of chiropractic philosophy, health is maintained by a correctly aligned spine that requires periodic adjustments by manipulative therapy. Palpation and X-ray discover these deviations but your astrological chart can identify weak areas that will be chronically affected. Each sign of the zodiac, and malefics placed in them, tend to afflict the vertebra, especially the vertebra ruled by the sign in which Saturn is found at birth. Such subluxations tend to be the major one throughout life. For example, the sign Libra rules the kidneys and if Saturn is here at birth, the 10th, 11th, 12th dorsals, and 1st lumbar will be afflicted the most, and this is known before examination. From a chiropractic or osteopathic standpoint, the emphasis of treatment should be in the area where Saturn was afflicting at birth as this area will show stasis, restrictions, stiffness, and congestion.

ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY: Skin, bone and joints, teeth, hearing, ossicification.



This position indicates a strong, determined will. These individuals possess minds that are mechanical and resourceful. They are endowed with courage and persistence which are essential in all pioneering undertakings. Individuals with Saturn in Scorpio encounter responsibility and restriction involving payment of debts of one kind or another. If Saturn should be favorably aspected to Mars, Sun or Mercury it favors surgery, engineering or any occupation in which sharp instruments, fire or water is involved. This position brings legacies and favors financial benefits after marriage. It is also a favorable placement for health and longevity. When Saturn is adversely aspected, it causes sorrow through love affairs, secret alliances, intrigues, and domestic difficulties. The person is liable to ill-health caused by worry, sluggish bowels, constipation, hemorrhoids, and ailments due to auto toxemia. Scorpio with the rigidity of Saturn indicates restrictions and limitations that are imposed by too much control in some area of their lives, or manipulation in order to gain control as indicated by house position. Colon stasis, constipation and sluggish peristalsis are characteristic. The native should drink adequate quantities of water (6-8 glasses daily).


PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Retention of urine, kidney stones, cystitis;gout; abnormal breathing, lymph stasis; suppressed menstruation, uterine complaints, ovarian disease; faulty elimination, constipation, appendicitis, bad breath, hemorrhoids, auto toxemia, sluggish peristalsis; nervous disorders; bronchitis; anosmia, parosmia; hypothyroidism, obesity, arthritis.

COUNTERACTING STIMULANTS: Asparagus, allspice, garlic, chives.

RULING VERTEBRA: 9th, 12th dorsals; 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th lumbars, sacrum, and taken as a whole, Scorpio rules the os coccyx.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Death by serpent bites; death by plague; death by drowning (afflicting the Moon), or at sea (afflicting the Sun or Ascendant); rape; death by childbirth.



Uranus rules your electrical life breath, and thus your avenues for personal as well as societal freedom. It indicates potential for originality of thought and expression, yet its energy is not accessible to much of humanity at this time. In society it rules the apparently radical ideas and people that are years ahead of their time. They lead to revolutionary events that upset established structures. The Aquarian age of which we are now entering is ruled by Uranus. Its cycle began with the discovery of electricity which it rules and is now interconnecting everyone on the planet with a synthetic telepathy.

Karmically, all aspects of the personal planets - Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, or the Ascendant - indicate areas of life where there is a strong urge for freedom of expression without restraint and the need for constant stimulation and excitement. This planet also represents the capacity to be high-strung, excitable, and temperamental. The motives of Uranus thus represent the purpose of radically repolarizing an individual's past lives, and open one up to new experience either through stimulating, shocking, and even traumatic crises to find new ways of living. People who are ruled by Uranus are lovers of freedom, rebellious at least restraint, intuitive and inventive. They are aviators, high level mechanics, or deal directly with electricity. It also tends towards erratic behavior and can make people irritable and brusque in manner.

ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY: Skin, bone and joints, teeth, hearing, ossicification. Uranus rules all the rhythmic processes of the body. It rules the movement of the whole digestive tract from mouth to anus. Thus, the common symptom of its afflictions are spasmodic manifestations and disrupted rhythms - muscles spasms, shock, cramp, strictures, ruptures, paroxysms, and contortions.



Uranus in Pisces, when well aspected, indicates a love of mystery, the occult, or metaphysics and capabilities for development along these lines. The talents of these individuals are unusual and contribute to far-sighted changes. If Uranus is afflicted however, it can lead to mediumship, obsession, and even insanity. This position makes the mind inconstant and erratic, and the native will be subject to unexpected misfortune, scandal, or suicide. All through life, even when fortune appears, these people are haunted by a vague fear of impending disappointment, doom or disaster.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Catarrhal disease; bunions, corns; cramps in the feet and toes, bunions; insomnia; functional diabetes.


KARMIC TENDENCIES: Death by drowning (afflicting the Moon), suicide; sudden illness in the feet and lymphatic system.



Neptune takes approximately 164 years to orbit the zodiac, taking about 13 years in each sign. Its position is a kind of cultural expression manifesting itself with imaginative and creative faculties of a generation. Its location points to a common spiritual destiny shown by the sign that it occupies. As one gets older, new generations may then seem strange in style, cultural or artistic expression, something not innately understood by the native.

People with an afflicted Neptune should always be on guard for deception, trickery, and fraud. Since each one's life is the outcome of former living, afflictions of Neptune offer ready channels where enemies from past lives or evil spirits can gain entry into our sacred temple. Forewarned is forearmed and confrontations can be stepping stones upward in life, or misery leading to drug abuse and apathy. Afflictions to Neptune may also indicate a previous life of extreme asceticism where the physical body was ignored or neglected leading to a leaky aura in this life. The corroborating symptoms are tiredness and need for a lot of sleep. There is also susceptibility to tuberculosis as Neptune is the ruler of this disease. Sunlight counteracts the tubercular diathesis and helps to harden and anneal an etheric body with a leaky aura. Likewise, a favorably aspected Neptune may let one drone away one's time, neglecting valuable opportunities offered for soul growth by following the deceptive lines of least resistance. Neptune rules illusion and abstract thinking, as well as those areas of life where conditions are not always what they seem.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Neptune's placement in the natal chart points to conditions which are difficult to diagnose, or are wrongly diagnosed. It has rulership over the aura and etheric body. Its afflictions denote laxity and weakness of the vital force, and subnormal conditions, as lack of development, undersized body or organs. Its placement in the chart and hard aspects has a strong rule over wasting of tissues leading to decay and disintegration. Its pathological manifestations are lethargy, drug abuse, intoxication, and general lack of tone throughout the body.

ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY: Pineal gland, appendix, right-brain function.



Neptune in Leo, when well aspected, indicates a generous, sympathetic and warm-hearted individuals. These natives are fond of pleasure and artistic pursuits. They have considerable ability and success in educational pursuits because of an intimate understanding of the nature of others and the faculty of imparting to them whatever knowledge they possess themselves. They are very conscientious in their dealings with others and successful in affairs of the heart. When Neptune is afflicted in Leo it makes the nature super-sensual and therefore liable to disappointments in love. These people are governed by impulse rather than by reason. They lack the stamina to face issues, and can be cowardly, fickle and not to be depended upon.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Spinal disorders, use of opiates with suspension of the heart's action; weak heart (atonic and very susceptible to cold weather, helped by vitamin E), arteriosclerosis, aneurysm; susceptibility to influenza.

HERBAL STIMULANTS: Cinnamon, nutmeg, orange, tangerine.



Just as your Sun sign represents your true identity in this life, Pluto's house represents an old pattern of identity from the past. It is a past pattern of life that is carried over into this life. We can say that Pluto's house is that area of life where complete regeneration is needed. Compulsive behavior and even ruthlessness needs to be transformed into willful intentions yielding great powers of perception and insight into the subtle forces of life. Plutonian people can make great healers simply by touch or vision.

The aspects of Pluto to other planets gives an indication as to how that transformation can bring new understanding and regeneration. Whether the aspect is "hard" as in square or opposition, or "easy" as in a trine or sextile, determines whether one has an innate knowing, or will meet some hard karmic destiny. There is an enormous potential for power by discovering those fields of experience in the house of Pluto. It heals when it is tapped.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Medically, Pluto's energy is concerned with eliminative processes, both physical and spiritual. The energy represented by Pluto is life-giving and cleansing. Pluto's transits are said to destroy the old forms in order to bring in the new. It's pathological manifestations are abscesses, malignancies, ulcers, and poisonous bites.

ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY: Reproduction, defecation, expulsion of waste matter.


PLUTO in CANCER (1914-1939)

Pluto in any sign always represents fundamental change, upheavals, and drastic transformations. Pluto's period in Cancer was 1912-1939. Cancer is a sign of emotional expression, domestic concerns, and food production. There was a revolution in agricultural techniques with the introduction of chemical fertilizers and discovery of pesticides. On April 22, 1915 the Germans fired three rockets of chlorine gas on French troops in Ypres which resulted in unprecedented horror and mass slaughter. In the words of the infamous Professor Huber, they had discovered a "higher form of killing". During this time was the formation of the infamous IG Farben Chemical Cartel which fueled Hitler's war machine and later became the companies that control many of today's pharmaceuticals. Cancer rules women and the family. During the 20ís the attitudes and roles of women were transformed. They demanded greater freedom in society and release from the drudgery of domestic chores. As a result of the increasing number of women seeking employment outside of the home, family life also changed dramatically.




The first house and the sign that rules this house, is also known as the Ascendant or rising sign, or that zodiac point which is actually crossing against the horizon at the exact time of your birth. It denotes your outer personality and physical constitution. The Ascendant is about interaction with you and the environment, the meeting point between the individual and the external world. Its sign denotes the animal heat and corporeal vigor. The planet ruling the sign of the Ascendant is considered one of the principal ruling planets of the horoscope. First house placement is so important, that the degree of the sign rising is treated as though it were a planet with regards to aspects with other planets and with regards to pinpointing details of the health chart of the native - his/her mind, body, strength, diseases subject to, etc. The sign on the Ascendant denotes the body's conductance or resistance to the inflow of prana or vital energy. It is conducted best by fire and air signs; and resistant if the rising sign is of water or earth elements.

In every sense the first house should be called the native's personality as it shows what is on the surface, how you appear to others, how the world sees you or what we call the native. Thus the horoscope is also called the nativity chart. Outsiders are attracted to you by this sign. It accounts for those glaring contradictions we find in human behavior. You may feel yourself as sexy, yet it is not picked up by others or appears that way due to your rising sign's influence, and vice versa. It explains why some people are forever getting in trouble or attracting trouble through no intentions of their own. When the first house contains no planets, it means individuality is not a matter of personal concern, these individuals accept themselves "as is". If the first house contains one or more planets, then the native is consciously concerned about some aspect of his identity. There is some dynamic or hang-up that needs resolution, karmically speaking.

Planets in the first house indicate the native is aggressive and strives to be "first" denoted by the planet or planets posited. These individuals usually have a difficult time resting and relaxing their bodies which they need to learn in order to insure good health. First house people tend to be individualists with a forceful drive and ambition in life.

The first house shows the organic elements, the physiological factors, and the physical characteristics which determine the strength and resistance of the body. The Ascendant and the first house represents the "original impulse of individual being", or the self as a particular vibration and rhythm, and the unique soul destiny of the individual. It indicates essentially the type of experience through which he/she will best discover who they are. The zodiacal sign on the Ascendant normally tells us the "dharma" of the individual, the central potentiality which the conscious person is seeking to actualize. If there are planets in the first house they indicate the kinds of functions which will be most valuable in the process of discovery of one's authentic being. Thus, the planets and the first house ruling planet show the way to impel performance of specific acts.

One can often discover what zodiacal sign was rising at birth (if time of birth is not known) by studying a person's facial features and expression. The head symbolizes the essential character of the individual. The head is ruled by the first house. The first house rules the body form, constitution, and temperament. The physical appearance, strength and vitality, weight, height, color of hair and eyes, etc. are largely determined by the rising sign, degree rising on the cusp, etc. The position of the first house ruler and planets rising modifies these features. The zodiacal sign ascending denotes the part of the body more liable to affliction from external causes such as trauma and infection.

The benefics, Jupiter and Venus, in the first house at birth indicate a good constitution, whereas the malefics, Saturn and Mars, denote scars, birthmarks, moles and defects of the head. This house at birth, and by direction, signifies all diseases of the head, face, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. This house is closely associated with the feelings, sensations, emotions, manners, passions, and dispositions of the native. In this regards, it explains why the Sun sign does not reflect all the features of the native, and why the Ascendant and the Moon sign are of equal importance in the analysis of the health horoscope.

Regarding the compatibility of healer and patient, the rising sign in each natal map should be in harmony, belonging to the same triplicity, that is in trine or sextile to each other. If the patient has Aries on the Ascendant at birth, his/her healer should also have a fire sign on the Ascendant, as in Leo or Sagittarius. If the healer employed has Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn on the Ascendant it would tend to be adverse, if not in results, certainly in relationship and cooperation. The sextile and trines naturally tend to inspire confidence and faith between healer and patient.

AFFLICTIONS: Head and face, endocrine disturbances which affect the mental states, brain tumors, high fevers, meningitis, migraines.


EMPOWERMENT COLORS: White, pink, red, champagne



This sign indicates a strong and spiritual nature when well aspected on the horizon. These individuals are often humanitarians. They possess generous natures and are sometimes eccentric. They have warm and sensitive personalities and attract many friends. The native has a square jaw, fine and wide eyebrows that are arched. This sign makes one unconventional with lovely yet slightly irregular features. Nervous conditions, blood disorders, and stiffness or inflexibility of the bones and joints are some common physical complaints they are apt to experience. These individuals have a tendency toward corpulence in middle age.

The rising sign is divided into thirds, or 3 "decanates", which have a powerful influence over the appearance and form of your body. The sign is simply divided into three 10 aspects as follows: 0-10 first decanate, 11-20 second decanate, and 21-30 third decanate. Each decanate is ruled over by a planet. The first ten degrees is ruled over by the indigenous sign ruler, the second takes on the qualities of the next elemental ruler, and the third the successive element sign ruler. Thus, the first decanate of Aries is ruled by its Mars, the second takes on the qualities of Leo, and the third would combine the qualities of Aires and Sagittarius, and so on throughout the zodiac. Simply locate the first house on your natal chart and note which degree is rising in the sign listed. This gives you your decanate. If in the last few degrees of the sign, e.g. 26 or more, you would also take on characteristics of the first decanate of the following sign.

FIRST DECANATE APPEARANCE: Some Aquarians are tall, slight and good looking, with a well-shaped straight or aquiline nose and a rather receding chin. If Pisces contains a planet, this decanate can take on a short nose with irregular face, pleasing but shorter and even a stout figure.

KEYWORDS: Independent, profound, morbid, fidelity.

SECOND DECANATE APPEARANCE: The Gemini decanate is ruled by Mercury, giving a similar figure to the third decanate of Gemini - tall, slight, straight and expressive.

KEYWORDS: Intellectual, electrical, scientific, penetrative.

THIRD DECANATE APPEARANCE: The Libra decanate ruled by Venus indicates narrow hips and an upward, expressive tilt to the eyes and eyebrows.

KEYWORDS: Genial, artistic, altruistic.

EMPOWERMENT COLORS, GEMS, FRAGRANCES: Sky blue, orange; aquamarine, garnet, sapphire, opal; hops, lavender, patchouli, star anise.


PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Anemia, astigmatism, poor circulation, tendency to catch colds, obesity, edema, impure blood, heart disease, kidney disease, atherosclerosis, nervous and spasmodic disorders. The native should be certain to drink adequate quantities of water (6-8 glasses daily) to offset these tendencies.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Lameness, crippled (afflicted by Mars or Saturn).



Jupiter in the first house, when well-aspected, is a good sign of health, opulence, and general fortune in life. It indicates a good-natured, kindly disposition, cordiality, honor and righteousness of the native. These people love pleasure, particularly out-of-doors, and are fond of traveling. They have considerable executive ability and are therefore sought for positions of importance and responsibility. Jupiter afflicted on the Ascendant indicates a tendency to self-indulgence, according to the sign wherein it is placed. If in Cancer, the native may become a glutton with the inevitable result that in the course of years he/she becomes excessively stout, the liver becomes torpid and enlarged and as a consequence is subject to sicknesses of a serious nature like hypertension and even cancer. In Sagittarius the native may be a gambler who would stake his/her assets on the toss of a coin. In Pisces he/she becomes an incurable chocoholic or alcoholic, in Scorpio a sensualist of the worst nature and so on with the other signs. Whenever Jupiter is afflicted on the Ascendant the health suffers through corruption of the senses - alimentary, sexually, obsessively or otherwise.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Poor circulation, hair loss; obesity; cancer.



Jupiter square Saturn indicates individuals with diffident, vacillating minds unable to form decisions. These natives have a tendency to be distrustful of others which at times may interfere with important opportunities. There are difficulties in business or in one's profession from misfortune leading to depression and melancholy, if not dishonesty. Religious and philosophical values tend to be rigid, orthodox, or too materialistic. They appear to others to be slaves of their own dull routines and work, if not stuck in life with no long term goals.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Arteriosclerosis; melancholia, depression; lowered vitality and resistance; seborrhea, acne, dermatitis, eczema; liver disorders, poor absorption of fats, gall stones; pre-diabetic condition due to prolonged hypoglycemia from chromium and zinc deficiencies; troubles of dentition; fragile capillaries due to vitamin C deficiency; asthma, poor respiration, oxygen deficiency, chronic disease from poor circulation; cancer.

NUTRITIONAL ASPECTS: The native should avoid taking synthetic vitamins as they will be poorly assimilated, better to opt for all-natural. Deficiencies of vitamin B-6, biotin, inositol, choline, PABA, vitamin C, zinc, chromium and manganese.

BENEFICIAL FOODS: Spinach, broccoli, bananas, citrus fruits, whole grains.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Death by assassination (of noble men); wretched, miserable disposition.



Jupiter opposite Neptune indicates lack of control of the emotions. The native may be sensitive to psychic influences between the seen and the unseen worlds that may cause hysterical conditions. From a material standpoint it indicates danger of fraud through speculation or large companies, therefore dealing with predatory interests should be avoided. These natives may also be absent minded and make promises they cannot fulfill, making them unreliable and impractical.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Cancer; anemia; leukemia, leukopenia, polycythemia; sensitivity to drugs, alcohol, and allergies to antibiotics in meats, petroleum fumes and gases; thymus gland insufficiency, especially from vaccination; nephritis; craving for sugar; hysteria; spinal disorders. The native has a general proneness to infections.

NUTRITIONAL ASPECTS: Deficiency of zinc, manganese and chromium; inositol, choline pangamic acid; the native should avoid synthetic vitamins and opt for natural ingredients.

BENEFICIAL FOODS: Whole grains, beans, peanuts.



The second house rules material matters, property, wealth or poverty, etc. It denotes the level of acquisitiveness as a driving force, or the level of greed for power and wealth. This tends to affect the native's homeostasis since possessions are related to the value placed on food and nutrition, habits in acquiring food and other immediate necessities of life. The pituitary gland, which controls all endocrine glands, falls under this house.

The belief or realization for those so gifted, adds another dimension to understand second house questions. One's tendencies, faculties, and karma produced from past lives and carried over into the present rests with the concept of management, that is, intelligent use of one's inheritance, possessions, artistic talents, or even inventions. The second house can show the mere fact of ownership in today's essentially "unspiritual society", or one who lives according to spiritual values and surrenders to mankind assets to promote human evolution. It shows then if a person can advance beyond the traditional use of possessions, or is acting merely as an agent for the "ghosts of karma" (Geg in Tibetan), with a life filled by ancestors, driven by socio-religious hatreds and fears.

When no planets occupy this house, it indicates the native does not see money as a major issue in life. With planets in this house, the affairs of other houses which those planets rule are brought to bear influence on the matter of obtaining money. For example, if Saturn is in your second house, tenth house matters, such as your profession, is where the money will easily flow from.

People with planets in the second house have overwhelming desires to prove their self-worth, establish themselves in society by big factors as indicated by the house rulers outlined above. For example, if the Moon is in the second house, fourth house matters like the home are important and the native will desire a big home or big family. After having established their nest eggs, (with the personal planets Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter placed in this house) gluttony is not uncommon. The native will also learn the karmic problem of this house - happiness is the one thing that cannot be bought.

AFFLICTIONS: Problems with homeostasis - blood and electrolyte changes, intake of nutrients - diabetes, obesity, hypoglycemia; disorders arising from vaccination.


EMPOWERMENT COLORS: Green, lemon, citrine, brown



The second house shows how the native earns money from his/her own efforts and from what resources. These individuals are prone to have difficulties with their finances. They may be disorganized and lax when it comes to handling their affairs and if they do not pay close attention, there is the potential that all they have worked for will dwindle away.



Uranus in the second house, which governs finance, indicates an unsettled state of financial affairs, impulsive spending habits, and money earned from unusual or unorthodox occupations. Even these individuals may have good aspects concerning financial matters, it may be found that they are unable to protect themselves against these sudden and unforeseen losses or gains. Therefore it is difficult to give financial advice to such people, for even if they invested prudently and cautiously, there will be sudden, unexpected, if not catastrophic losses in business ventures. The sign in which Uranus is placed will show the nature of the losses, as in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, loss by fire or in electrical investments; in Virgo or Capricorn, by investments in lands, mines and real estate; and so on with the rest of the signs.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Spasms in the neck and shoulders.



Astrology speaks of the third house as that of brothers and sisters, and close relatives. It actually means the earliest newborn environment and of one's grown relationship to it. The relationship of the child to his/her environment is basic and substantial in the formation of his/her character, and of responses to life. The third house refers to the early environment and to persons who acted within it - close relatives, guardians, siblings, etc. It also shows in the child "coming to terms" which is at first entirely unconscious and instinctual, later becoming the foundation for human intelligence, and consciousness.

No planets in the third house means response in a natural fashion. One or more planets in the third house indicates a self-conscious need to express thoughts. It may sometimes indicate speech difficulties. The native is often asked too often to help other people, brothers and sisters. The disease of "other people" can lead to great frustrations and nervous stress. These individuals need to learn to say no, take regular breaks in peace and quiet, take short naps after lunch, etc. for the health to improve.

Malefic planets in this house tend toward mental instability and chaos unless well aspected. It shows traumatic experiences such as child abuse, fights with siblings, rebellion, etc. What differentiates this house from its opposite, the ninth house, is that of experiences involving direct personal contact with the close environment of the individual, resulting in habits and proclivities. It indicates physical actions, and transportation, especially within your immediate environment. Benefics in this house, when well aspected, indicate a well balanced mind. It rules the fingers, hands, chest, lungs, the lower mind and wakefulness.

AFFLICTIONS: Disturbed breathing rhythms, reduced vitality, lack of oxygenation, nervous tension, mental instability.


EMPOWERMENT COLORS: Yellow, indigo, white with red



The third house deals with the native's immediate speaking, writing, and communications audience. Taurus ruling the third house indicates individuals who are apt to be very sociable within their immediate surroundings but communicate by convenience, not by innovation. Being slow and deliberate in thought, once they make a decision they become stubborn an rarely change their minds. Their thinking is often concentrated on money making or on artistic endeavors. These individuals usually have friendly and sincere relationships with their brothers and sisters as well as their neighbors. The native may also actively participate in community projects. Afflictions in the third house suggest these individuals may become involved in arguments with siblings or neighbors.



Mars in the third house, when well-aspected, makes the mind keen, bright and alert, fond of argument, quick at response, ingenious, inventive and resourceful, with plenty of initiative and constructive abilities. When Mars is afflicted it indicates liability to accidents on short journeys, a quarrelsome nature that may to get into trouble with brothers, sisters and neighbors, and a short attention span. These individuals tend to be hot tempered, lack mechanical ability, and experience accidents, especially with cars and while traveling within a short distance of home. These people can be very critical towards everyone they meet and are generally feared and avoided when possible.

AGGRESSION LESSON: In no area of life is the emotion of anger of more danger to one's health. The native should learn how to breath properly and be more careful of their words.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Shallow breathing, anger and frustrations that override logical actions; unbalanced mentality, hasty, quick irrational thinking; stiff neck and shoulders; insomnia.

Insomnia: Not trusting the process of life. The resolution here is to trust tomorrow and the flow of life will take care of itself.



Mars square Jupiter indicates a most self-destructive aspect because these individuals possess rather violent tendencies and are inclined to fight to gain social approval. They can seek sanction for self-aggrandizement and gratification of the passions. It is also the signature of the gambler and if one of the planets is in a water sign, especially in Pisces, these natives may be tricky and dishonest characters who act through impulse. They act self-assertively often on crusades to favor their material well-being. They are prone to boast their own self-worth, and exaggerate their own importance. Sometimes they use religion as a vehicle for hypocrisy. With respect to health these people suffer principally from blood and liver complaints. Their circulation may be poor and there is danger of apoplexy. With their constant desire for stimulation and activity, the native needs to find reasons to relax and meditate on greater issues of life.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Stroke, apoplexy, arteriosclerosis, heart problems, high blood pressure; hair loss; lymph stasis and obesity; eruptions, lipomas. These natives suffer from impure blood, poor circulation, diseases from carelessness, and are thus liable to cancer.

NUTRITIONAL ASPECTS: Deficiencies of vitamin B-6, B-12, folic acid, biotin, selenium. The native tends to overuse salt and thus develops heart problems and potassium deficiency.

BENEFICIAL FOODS: Spinach, broccoli, bananas, green leafy vegetables, oranges.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Death by wounds, gunshot, violence and war; a braggart, a thief; a soldier on a crusade or mission.


MARS opposite SATURN

Mars opposite Saturn indicates natives with selfish, violent, harsh and cruel natures. These individuals can be quick tempered and vindictive, and are prone to dishonest and unscrupulous behavior. There is liability to public disgrace and imprisonment, or to accident and violent death. The native may have a fear of self-assertion, sex, or taking risks in these life areas, which the person may try to compensate for by exaggerated behaviors of sexual activity or ambition. The assertive or instinctual energies need to be disciplined by dedication to a highly specialized form of work or occupation.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Blood dyscrasias, blood clots, hemorrhaging, bleeding gums, anemia; arthritis; loss of hair, premature graying; adrenal fatigue, underweight, lack of proper growth. These natives are prone to diseases due to anger, gall stones, constipation, fractures, and cancer.

NUTRITIONAL ASPECTS: Deficiencies of folic acid, essential fatty acids and assimilation of calcium, poor absorption of iron, B-12 and folic acid; increased needs for bioflavonoids and vitamin C.

BENEFICIAL FOODS: Green leafy vegetables, oranges, broccoli.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Starvation; given to treachery; nasty temperament, rude; rebellious or fights with authority.


MARS sextile PLUTO

This aspect indicates that these individuals are intense and sometimes manipulative. They are good with financial matters and may acquire wealth through inheritance. They prefer to be in positions of authority as they like to be in control.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Spiritual contact with high sources.



The fourth house is said to have two basic meanings - the soil or secure foundation in which man is rooted; and the "heart" or fundamental rhythm of the individual self. It is indeed the Nadir of the chart, the midnight point of consciousness, where "God-experience" can be had. The vertical line of the birth chart - Zenith to Nadir - points upwards to the sky (Zenith) and downward through the spinal column at the center of the globe. Unity comes by centering one's "Hara" or vital energy with that of the Earth.

Its sign and planets refer to the kind of feeling which spontaneously mobilizes and directs the energies of the organism, often called "gut feeling". The Ascendant tells who we are, while the Nadir shows what we are, at least potentially, where we stand. It is the power implied in "being a person", yet in today's global economy it is basically conditioned, if not entirely determined, by socio-cultural patterns and media manipulation, rather than by ancestral family values. Thus it indicates the beginning as well as the end of various cycles in the native's life, including old age, the end of life and death, the various conditions which affect the close of life, its diseases, worries, wealth or poverty, etc. The nature of the end of life will be told by the planets in this house, and the sign on which the cusp begins the part or organ where the complaint will lie.

If there are no planets in the fourth house, the native accepts his background and family and makes the best of it. If there are one or more planets in the fourth house, then conscious attention is directed towards his background. He/she has reasons to question, if not doubt family matters. Some may have unfortunate liabilities to overcome before they make headway in life. Malefics in this house can indicate early childhood traumas which are best recalled and cleared by past life regression. Neurosis can result from repressed anger. Parental attitudes and conditioning have led to unhealthy if not neurotic habits. All these matters of childhood trauma and abuse are judged by the fourth house.

At the biological level, the fourth house symbolizes the acquirement of nutrients to satisfy basic physiologic needs to meet daily routines and obstacles. It is the energy needed for intercellular exchanges and for adjusting the body to changes in temperature and the demands of the physical environment. It rules over the body water, interstitial fluid, and lymphatic environment. In a mentally and emotionally developed person, one's personal power (Hara) is available for self-expression and social contact. In an undeveloped or immature being, confusion sets in with mixed impulses carried over from previous lives and those values family and society has forced upon the individual. This results in oral fixations, hormonal imbalances, lymphatic stasis and obesity. It is a being out of rhythm, breathless, confused and never satiated.

This house rules the breasts, lungs, stomach; inheritance; the birthplace and home place; the mother in the male chart and father in the female chart. Benefics in this house at birth indicate that the native should live in his native homeland, if possible, for insured good health and fortune, leading to a happy end of life. Malefics here point to a short life of the mother or father, according to the sex of the horoscope; disease, distress, and worry in old age.

AFFLICTIONS: Oral fixations, overeating, nutritional disturbances, obesity, anorexia; diseases of the stomach, breasts, and lungs.


EMPOWERMENT COLORS: Silver, green, russet, brown



The fourth house is the area of private concerns, emotional security and how we inwardly feel about ourselves. If there are no planets in this house, there are generally no problems in the way these individuals accept themselves. The cusp on this house shows the general tempo of the subjective self. Gemini ruling the fourth indicates natives who regards themselves as being well informed on all subjects which have caught their interest. These individuals are adaptable, versatile, and open minded. The home is the center of activity and they may prefer to work or pursue many hobbies at home. They are apt to have extensive libraries or collections of magazines and other factual material.



At its highest potential, the fifth house shows the exteriorized power and a projected vision originating from a realm that is "super personal". The person thus becomes an agent for some great collective consciousness or planetary, evolutionary purpose. He/she becomes a lens through which light is condensed and brought into focus, at which point power can operate and work can be performed. This creative process, work, and its products are conditioned by the nature and temperament of the person. The person acts strictly as an individual. To the extreme, he/she expects results that will bring fame, prestige, and ego-satisfaction.

The fifth house is the area of experiences which are essentially the outcome of emotions, as distinguished from gut feelings of the fourth house. Feelings are spontaneous reactions, whereas emotions seek an exteriorization, or "moving out" with synchronous organic changes and muscular movements. The fifth house is associated with gambling in any form, for money, business ventures, romance, etc. whenever one follows hunches, inner frustrations, or imagination.

Traditionally, the fifth house is considered to the be the section of the birth chart (radix) referring to love affairs, versus a seventh house marriage. Fruitful signs and planets here denote many children, barrens signs and planets here tend to deny children. This house rules the back, spine, liver, stomach, appetites, loves affairs and sexual appetites. This house is said by some to rule the soul.

Each house of the radix refers to power and unfoldment, as well as some great test of the developing individual. The zodiac sign on the cusp of this house and planets within should give the student of astrology clues as to the best way in which he or she can solve problems creatively. The Chinese character for danger, also means opportunity, depending solely on one's perspective and ability to be creative. The test of the fifth house is that of isolation, or emergence as a unique and valuable human being. The test of the second house is that of ownership and possessions. In the third house it is thought and how to handle ideas to approach challenges of one's environment. The fourth house test is that of stability. The fifth is creative self-expression.

No planets in this house means the native has little attraction to fifth house matters. He/she can take gambling or leave it. One or more planets in this house shows the native has a natural interest in art, pleasure, children, romance, or gambling. These natives may feel a great need for love. Their ailments can come from chaotic affairs leading to frustrated and fragmented lives. The root cause is insecurity. Naturally, the houses ruled by the planets in the fifth house contribute and inspire all fifth house creativity.

AFFLICTIONS: Heart disease (with malefics in this house), overeating, egomania, spinal disorders, liver problems, arteriosclerosis, hypertension.


EMPOWERMENT COLORS: White, gold, green, red



The fifth house is where the ego extends into so-called pleasurable pursuits.
Gemini ruling the fifth house indicates individuals whose pleasure pursuits are intellectual or mental. However, no one area of pleasure will occupy the native's thinking for too long. Romances are apt to be precarious or fickle and these individuals may be in more than one relationship at one time. They can be critical of their loved ones. They enjoy trading stocks or other commodities.



Pluto in fifth house indicates there is a strong compulsion to "be somebody", to express one's individuality in a strong way. These individuals may be creative and their works of art may be way ahead of their time. This is also the house of romance and encounters are apt to be intense. These individuals may have the tendency to dominate relationships or prefer to be dominated. Parents may dominate their children. Sexual excesses can lead to self-degradation resulting in health consequences.

KARMIC LESSON: Learn to understand and exercise proper control with respect to children, creative talent, and the pursuit of pleasure. The key to this lesson is for one to learn to be content and use energy for special creativity. Profound works of art can take on spiritual regeneration.



The sixth house implies a crisis of perception, the period of personal readjustment, the time in one's life when one is forced to realize what he/she has done and whether success has come to rest or to haunt. Once a work is completed, the composer is often painfully aware of how it could have been produced better. A person's inner worth is often revealed when faced with experiences and periods of inadequacy, frustration, or defeat. These crises take their toll upon the body, require guts and fortitude, and great reserves of vitality. This house represents fundamentally, everything that deals with personal crises, the way to best meet them, and the direction of personal growth and transformation. The sixth house is somewhat karmic in nature by its perception or reason for duties, debts, and obligations.

The sixth house is known as the "house of health" and the sign on the cusp of this house indicates which body parts and organs prone to disease and affliction. Illness may be the direct result of some defeat of the vital energies unable to cope with a challenge to grow stronger, or an attempt by the soul to show a need for a revision in attitude. The sixth house shows a response of the individual to a social situation. Also, as a patient, one should not consult with a doctor whose natal Saturn is in the sixth house of the native, as one will find incompatibility or may even be poisoned by medication.

Natives with planets in this house may have a lack of self-esteem, be plagued by guilt, or seek the approval of others. All these negative emotions affect the health with nerve related ailments, blood sugar problems, and intestinal disorders.

Benefic planets ruling this house or planets in this house show better health, while malefics afflict the mind and body. The sixth house in a broad sense governs disease, especially if there are planets in it at birth. It particularly rules the abdomen, belly and intestines, food affecting conditions of health, healers and physicians. The sixth house also rules aunts and uncles, servants, persons in employ, kindred on the father's side, small animals and pets of the native.

AFFLICTIONS: Hereditary diseases, general ill-health; abdominal disease.


EMPOWERMENT COLORS: Black, amber, scarlet, brown, dark blue



The sixth house deals with careers, routines, and health. The native's obligations to others as well as himself/herself appear in this house. Cancer ruling the sixth house indicates the native may be called upon to be "mother" in daily routines. These natives make good nurses, attendants, and counselors as they are very sensitive to people's needs. This also indicates those with delicate or capricious health. When emotionally upset they feel it in their stomach as "butterflies" and as a result suffer from digestive upsets. In this house of food the native is fond of rich "motherly" meals (home cooked meals) - soup with breads, thick gravies with meats, butter in everything, etc.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Disorders and weakness of the parts ruled by this sign - breasts, epigastric region, elbow, stomach, digestive organs, womb, upper lobe of the liver, lower lobes of the lungs, pancreas, peristalsis, thoracic duct, sternum.

FOOD ALLERGY TENDENCIES: Milk and dairy products, eggs, crab, potato, cauliflower, cabbage, mango. These foods should be checked with electroacupuncture, bioneutralizer, applied kinesiology, or by cytotoxic testing.



The seventh house is closely related to the sign Libra, and thus marriage and partnership, the husband in a female nativity, and the wife in a male nativity are also related. This house shows the test of functional cooperation and participation between individual and society. Function suggests purpose, both inherent and potential, in man or woman. Purpose is only revealed as one operates within the group or global economy. It is the field of human experience that the person can be most basically transformed and can gain freedom. Planets in this house reveal compelling pressures and motives for destiny. In such cases, individuals may find themselves driven to enter into certain types of relationships as part of their destiny.

While the first house represents how the native appears to others, the fourth house shows how the natives sees himself or herself, the seventh house represents how others appear to the native. It represents those whose lives touch the native and how they respond. If the house is unoccupied by planets, he/she is comparatively free of the influence of others in most of his/her affairs. These individuals do pretty much as they please, but it also means others do not generally help them either. The affairs of this house are always related to the area of another house where the ruler of the sign on the seventh cusp lies. If there are one or more planets in this house, the native is consciously dependent on others in some respect and other people tend to control his/her affairs. Natives with planets in this house may find it difficult to "stand on their own two feet". They feel accomplishments need to come through other people or their partners or spouses. The Sun located here is indicative of good health, while Saturn signifies a potential for a short life. Mars here, indicates a bad wife and sickness.

The seventh house also denotes the type of physician or healer required in health matters. It is important that the healer is compatible with the native depending on the illness. One should avoid healers who have Saturn on the Ascendant or sixth house of the patient. The following may be found useful:

Signs of Healers pertaining to the seventh house:

Chiropodist: Gemini, Virgo and Pisceans are especially adapted to this work.

Chiropractor: Gemini's give keen, sensitive touch.

Colon therapists: Those born under Virgo and Scorpio.

Dieticians/Nutritionists: Virgo is the sign which rules these matters.

Good Healers: Scorpio Sun sign and well aspected at birth.

Massage Therapists: Healers born under Scorpio bring strong magnetism.

Hydrotherapists: Healers using mineral waters born under the Sun sign Pisces, and Capricorns making good managers of spas and sanitariums.

Medical Doctors: Those with strong influence of Scorpio and Mars, e.g. in the first or sixth house; the Sun trine or sextile Jupiter at birth; the Moon in Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius, Capricorn or Pisces and well aspected with Mercury; Virgo in the sixth house; the Sun signs Virgo or Scorpio.

Naturopaths: Those born under Virgo and Scorpio.

Nurses: Sun sign Scorpio, those born under rule of the Moon; the sixth house well aspected at birth; Jupiter well aspected in Pisces or the 10th house (Virgo ascending or Sun sign is not favorable for nursing as they can be too negative, critical, and susceptible to take on the disease of others).

AFFLICTIONS: Brain disorders; diseases of the hamstrings, flanks, bladder, small intestines and navel, the kidneys, haunches and loins, diseases of the womb.


EMPOWERMENT COLORS: Browns, swarthy colors, crimson, green


LEO on 7th HOUSE

The seventh house deals with other people in the native's life, particularly those that attract attention as well as direct personal relationships. Leo ruling the seventh house indicates the native is attracted to rather dynamic, flamboyant and entertaining people. Many individuals with Leo on the seventh house gain success by receiving opportunities from others. Afflictions in this house may point to those that are more interested in money and status rather than emotional commitments.


SUN in 7th HOUSE

This position makes the mind resourceful, and if well-aspected indicates success in marriage. It also indicates success in legal affairs and will help the native in all litigation, or matters in which the law may be involved. If afflicted, opposition that the native meets may be severe, but the solar influence will be helpful, even while it makes the opposition powerful. Partnerships can be unsuccessful because of the selfishness of the participants. But one who has the Sun in the seventh house will have no reason to complain for he/she will always attract someone with a high sense of honor when they are in need of a partner. The Sun in the seventh house is a particularly fortunate position in that respect, because it will bring the person a mate who is absolutely steadfast and true, one who may be depended upon in all the emergencies and vicissitudes of life. As there is no earthly treasure equal to an enduring love, this is perhaps the best of all solar positions.

PSYCHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Sun in the seventh house suggests people-oriented individuals. It indicates lasting attachments; good partnerships; and a person who is well liked by business people and superiors. If the Sun is afflicted there may be danger of domination by either the native or by his/her partner.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Generally of good health except if on the cusp. Brain disease, lumbago; blemishes.

Lumbago: Lack of financial support from the partner. The resolution is to trust the process of life, and all that is needed will appear.


SUN conjunct MERCURY

Sun conjunct Mercury indicates natives that are apt to be very biased in their opinions and ideas due to close identification of the mind and ego. This makes it difficult to view themselves impartially. There is a better chance that the native will not be so ego oriented if natal Mercury is in a different sign than natal Sun.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Nervous disorders, forgetfulness, high-strung; nerve related problems according to the sign or house location, e.g. sciatica (Sagittarius or 9th), neuritis, Bell's palsy (Aries, 1st), etc.

NUTRITIONAL ASPECTS: Increased needs for the B-vitamins, especially thiamine, and magnesium.

BENEFICIAL FOODS: Sunflower seeds, whole grains, tea, fruits and vegetables.


SUN trine MARS

Sun trine Mars indicates an abundance of vital energy which assures the native radiant health all through life, strengthens the constitution and makes the person able to endure the hard tasks. Aspects to the Sun and Mars are absolutely necessary to give zest to life. These confident individuals are determined and will work long and hard to obtain success.

NORMERGIC TENDENCIES: Generally of good vitality and strong constitution and stamina; self-reliant; good metabolism, ability to loose weight with basic dieting.


SUN sextile SATURN

Sun sextile Saturn indicates a person who is fortunate enough to have some of the finest faculties and qualities of these two planets. It gives method, foresight and organizing capacity. These natives display executive and diplomatic ability with the moral stamina to carry any project to a successful conclusion and they make no enemies in so doing. This aspect brings success in political or judicial positions or in positions connected with mining or agriculture. These individuals often benefit by legacy, but recognition and success are generally delayed until middle life.

NORMERGIC TENDENCIES: Generally a good tenacity and vitality in life.


SUN opposite URANUS

Sun opposite Uranus makes the native very high-strung, nervous, of uncontrolled emotions, and hysterical with little or no provocation. It predisposes to all nervous disorders such as St. Vitus dance, epilepsy, Parkinsonism, and lack of coordination. It tends to make one impulsive and unreliable, without regard for the norms, highly impatient of any restraint upon one's liberty. Hence, these individuals may choose undesirable marriage partners and end up in divorce proceedings or scandals of ill nature. Unless this aspect is modified by other configurations these natives are among the notorious or dangerous to society. They are liable to accidents from lightning and electricity, and all through life they are apt to meet disappointment.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Mental derangement, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinsonism; neuralgia, electrical or shooting pains; eye and visual disorders, cataract, glaucoma; spasms, twitching, cramps; cancer; weak digestion; susceptible to colds and flu; nervous breakdowns, hysteria.

NUTRITIONAL ASPECTS: Increased need of nutrients during times of stress - Vitamin A; magnesium and iodine.

BENEFICIAL FOODS: Green leafy vegetables, carrots, squash, whole grains, tea.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Death by drowning, by lightning; sudden, incurable illness.



Mercury in the seventh house and well-aspected makes the person popular in literary and scientific circles. It is a good position for public speakers and those in public relations. But if Mercury is afflicted, the seventh house position brings a great deal of hostile criticism of a public nature and is liable to involve the person in litigation either to defend himself against libel from others or an account of libel committed by himself. A well-aspected Mercury in the seventh house indicates a successful marriage to a relative or an employee, but when Mercury is afflicted either the person or the marriage partner is of an unhappy nature making the married life rife with constant quarrels and disputes on account of nonsense or even faithlessness. If afflicted, the native must be careful before signing contracts and entering into marriages and partnerships.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Generally of good health except if on the cusp. Brain disease, lumbago; blemishes.

Lumbago: Lack of financial support from the partner. The resolution is to trust the process of life, and all that is needed will appear.



Mercury trine Mars gives a keen, sharp, ingenious and resourceful mentality. These individuals are enthusiastic concerning any proposition and have the ability to enthuse others. The native is a hard worker, to the point and decisive. These people love argument or debate, and they have wit and good humor, sometimes blended with a tinge of sarcasm. They also have remarkable dexterity and mechanical skills. They are able to physically carry out their thoughts and ideas readily and with enthusiasm.

NORMERGIC TENDENCIES: Self-reliant, self-confident; active mind and body.



Mercury sextile Saturn indicates serious natives that possess depth and concentration which is of inestimable value in life. Their forethought and profound reasoning abilities insure success in whatever vocations these people may pursue. Their patient persistence permits no failure to stand in the way of ultimate success. Therefore they generally become prominent in connection with some serious enterprise such as secret societies, the church or even politics or governmental affairs. They are in demand for high positions and great undertakings. They are quiet, subdued and serious in their manner and their tidiness extends into their health and hygiene.



This aspect indicates natives that are able to express themselves powerfully with an abundance of will power. These individuals are quite observant and are apt to possess inquisitive minds. They are able to probe deeply into any field of endeavor such as science, physics, mysticism, or other eight house type occupations.



Venus in the seventh house indicates outgoing persons who are gracious, charming, and polite. It signifies an early marriage and an increase of prosperity afterwards. If the person finds it expedient to enter into partnership, the presence of Venus tends to make this relationship harmonious and beneficial. It is also a good sign that if litigation seems necessary, some way will be found to settle the matter without going to trial. This position is good for actors, singers, and others whose calling brings them before the public in a vocal capacity as it ensures a kind and sympathetic reception on the part of their audience. If adversely aspected it causes delay and sorrow in marriage, loss through partnership, litigation, and disfavor in the eyes of the public.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Catarrh of the small intestine; cellulite.



Neptune in the seventh house indicates communication between marriage or business partners may be difficult. Misunderstandings and not being able to express oneself is common when Neptune is in the seventh house. There is also the potential for deception or unrealistic expectations in partnership or marriage. Neptune, when well aspected, indicates a marriage to be one of a metaphysical, and inspirational nature, where the two partners come together in a true companionship. If Neptune is afflicted, this position may indicate one that tends to prey upon the public in general, or of those who become victims of public disfavor, all according to the nature of the aspects.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Generally of good health except if on the cusp. Brain disease, lumbago; blemishes.



This house, its cusp, and the planets located in it, indicate how a person can best approach opportunities and the resistance involved in bringing relationships into a fruitful situation. These relationships can mean marriage, partnerships, and business associations. The second house refers to private assets, or what can be used to actualize one's birth potential. The eighth house deals with business contracts and agreements that are legally binding. The eighth house field of experience deals with trust, management, and responsibility. The second house deals with personal management, whereas the eighth house with proper management of business assets, profits and losses. It indicates where binding agreements will bring legacy. It may also mean death followed by rebirth, or the kind of disagreements which bring unresolved frustrations and a future surrounded with karmic ghosts. With such a native, emotional scarring tends to be hidden. These individuals have a burning need to purge themselves of past memories which brutally punish their bodies for years. Many succumb to chronic ailments around the ages of 42 to 49 years old. With the background of this emotional insecurity, they push hard for overt success, only for their bodies to crack up under the pressure. Sex is often their only form of organic release.

If the eighth house is unoccupied by planets, the native takes emergencies in stride and usually faces crises with appropriate action. If the house is occupied, eighth house matters are of serious concern for the native. These matters may take the form of handling other peoples money, dealing in antiques, archaeological findings, etc. The eighth house also indicates the end of physical life, the surrender of the soul, the time and manner of death. The planets in this sign at birth indicate the quality of death. Benefics here indicate an easy and natural death. Malefics in this house tend to a more sudden, accidental or even violent death.

AFFLICTIONS: Kidney disorders, genitourinary infections, adrenal insufficiency, poisoning, death by consumption.


EMPOWERMENT COLORS: Gray, black, brown, red, mahogany, green


VIRGO on the 8th HOUSE

In the eighth house we look for the possibility and effect of extraordinary changes that might intrude on the native's life and the inner strength that he/she might possess to cope with the challenge. Virgo ruling the eighth house indicates the native will be of help during devastating conditions or times of change. These individuals must be on the alert for situations of danger or accidents may occur. Their inner strength comes from realizing solutions to change.



Experiences and the tests related to the ninth house are those periods encountered by the individual to find the meaning of things. The act of knowing belongs in the third house because it implies mere contact with the immediate environment. It is knowledge derived merely from sensations. The ninth house relates to understanding, a far more complex process which involves synthesis of many factors and data. The German term "gestalt" applies to the ninth house as a type of knowing, understanding, and referencing holistic experiences derived from mystical and philosophical inquiry.

The ninth house is the house of symbols and words. Symbols have to be interpreted. The radix chart is a set of symbols relating to the location of planets and stars at the time of birth. It symbolizes the complex relationship existing between the native and the universe. Likewise, all religious concepts and mystical visions are symbolic of man-to-universe relationships. To speak of a "God Experience" is a typical ninth house activity, a unity which the person projects and asks for answers for all his conceivable needs.

The danger one faces in ninth house experiences is over-expansion caused by ambition and greed for power and power symbols, such as money. Ambition is the negative aspect of this house, leading to compulsive egocentric relationships that use other people for power or prestige. Knowledge is used to achieve power. It is this type of knowledge our society holds in high esteem. Ours is a society imbued with competition and ambitions, worshipping success and power with no concern for the environment and health of society as a whole. Thus the relationships become perverted, destructive and inharmonious to a wholesome life. In such a society, the mind is used as the instrument of success. Group relationships translate into compulsive cooperation, mandated actions, and forced taxation. It implies twisting the laws, natural as well as political, so they become tools for gathering wealth. This is the mind of the politician, the corporate leader, the scientist in search of inventions and discoveries for personal fame.

If the house is unoccupied by planets, the native finds it easy to accept certain philosophical principles or cause of religion, and there is no resistance to understanding higher principles. If the house is occupied, the native is concerned with philosophical formulations or developed principles. Due to this high thinking, people with benefics in this house are some of the least likely to have health complaints.

The ninth house denotes the fundament, hips, thighs, hams, higher mind, dreams and visions. Malefics in the ninth house at birth tend to disturb and unbalance the mind, or cause religious excitement and fanaticism, unorthodox views, and trouble with religious authorities. It also points to dangers in foreign travel, injury or ill-health, or even death abroad. It is advised that persons with malefics at birth with no benefics in this house should remain in their native land.

AFFLICTIONS: Accident and injuries to the hips, thighs and hamstrings; nervous strain and stress; sports injuries and trauma.


EMPOWERMENT COLORS: Jade, purple, white, yellow



The ninth house has to do with our higher ideals and ability to heal by faith. Scorpio ruling the ninth house indicates the native's higher thinking drifts to realms not suitable for mundane discussion. These individuals are likely to be reformers or innovators in their fields, especially of philosophy and religion. The native's values are exceedingly open to continual change.



This position indicates a mind capable of delving into philosophic, religious, psychic or spiritual subjects. It also indicates those who succeed in life by traveling away from home in search of new experiences. It is a position for a president or chairman of a corporation or college. These natives always make their mark in the world, the scope being naturally dependent upon the nature of the aspects and the line of endeavor selected by the person. When favorably aspected it shows a very faithful and religious spirit, a deep, serious and thoughtful mind, with the ability and inclination to study law or philosophy. It favors success in humanitarian work. When adversely aspected the mind has difficulty understanding the higher truths as there is the likelihood of self-deception through lack of comprehension of the higher sciences and narrow mindedness. These individuals may be critical and sarcastic. They may experience trouble in legal affairs, danger on voyages, trouble in foreign countries, and religious bigotry. Religion can impose severe limitations upon the character rather than spiritual freedom. These natives may have significant responsibilities in connection with their job or the health of a parent. Patience and persistence when confronted with problems in higher education or legal problems, are the keys to overcoming them. Breathing exercises, e.g. hatha yoga, chi-kung, will balance and stabilize the mind.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Ill-health from travel, sea sickness; unbalanced mentality, shallow breathing.

Anxieties: Not trusting the flows and processes of life. The resolution is to approve of yourself and trust the processes as righteous opportunities.



Saturn square Neptune indicates a native liable to loss by deception, treachery or fraud. There is a sense of wrong timing of the course and events of life. One may focus on wrong or irrelevant issues resulting in unfulfilled goals. This aspect may indicate a morbid tendency with fears, anxieties, and phobias stemming from the subconscious. These natives may suffer from inferiority complexes or have fears of inadequacies.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Lead, beryllium, mercury or cadmium poisoning; cancer; liver torpidity and allergies; sensitivity to drugs and antibiotics; spinal disorders, subluxations; neurosis, neurasthenia; phobias; adenoids, swollen lymphatic glands and stasis; asthma. Susceptibility to colds and flu. This aspect may also indicate chronic, long-term ailments or genetic/hereditary weakness.

NUTRITIONAL ASPECTS: Deficiencies of pantothenic acid, calcium, vitamin C P (bioflavonoids).

BENEFICIAL FOODS: Broccoli, yogurt, green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, strawberries.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Suicide; confinement due to mental illness; psychic possession.



This aspect indicates one who understands the subtler forms of energy and thus may have talent in physics, metaphysics, astrology, and meditation. The native is apt to have tremendous will-power and is prone to personal success. A peculiar destiny or karmic mission is characteristic.



In the tenth house an individual meets experiences which result from his/her successes or failures in gaining social, public or professional position. He/she is integrated, or fails to become integrated into the social collective and public status in the community. It is one's "office" which defines one's stand in the community. First house potential becomes actualized in the tenth, if all has gone well during the unfoldment of preceding houses. It is a house of vitalistic functions, being on the Midheaven or zenith. The tenth house, the house of Midheaven, corresponds to the sign Capricorn. It rules the knees, hamstrings and thighs. Planets in this house have a powerful influence in matters of health and disease, especially in regards to nervous tension and stress developed from one's career, as well as injury from falls, blows, or the death of a parent. In the male nativity it rules the father, in the female nativity the mother and the affairs of the mother.

If the tenth house is unoccupied by planets, the native's ambitions and their probable outcome are more directly related to that area of his affairs where the ruling planet falls where the tenth house cusp is found. If the house is occupied, the native has a conscious struggle both to formulate his ambitions and put them across to other people. Any planet in the tenth house reveals more of the outcome of this house than the actual sign or "house rulership. " Planets in the tenth house contribute directly to the native's position in life. Their worries, internal pressures and incessant need to work hard may drive them into chronic illness.

AFFLICTIONS: Obesity, anorexia nervosa; nervous tension, self-undoing, misery; accidents; evil of a parent, the "sins of the father passed onto the sons".


EMPOWERMENT COLORS: Gray, brown, black, white



The tenth house reveals one's ambitions and the degree of worldly success he/she may receive. Sagittarius ruling the tenth house indicates natives that are born with strong enthusiasm and convictions. These individuals may become public figures in their careers. They have large appetites and are advised to take a brisk walk after heavy meals to aid digestion and offset putrefaction.



In the eleventh house, the power of society, as a collective or group, is released through the individual. The power is released through the activities the individual performs within the social unit such as in their profession, church, club, fraternity, etc. Success is seen pleasurable in the social environment as his/her work and prestige unfolds. The experience gained in the tenth house makes it possible to set new social objectives, new professional goals, or to relax in the company of one's peers or fellow workers. This house has much to do with an individual's attitude towards achievement and social success. It is the use a person makes of either achievement or failure which establishes his/her self-worth. Success or failure brings into the total being the way one lives, feels, and acts and thus has great influence on the health of the native. Success as well as failure must be used wisely, significantly, and creatively. Regression therapy can do much to undo the patterns that led to failure, or perceived failure can be unfolded into a new dynamic.

If the eleventh house is unoccupied, the native does not consciously need friends to share his/her wishes or hopes. Those who have planets in the eleventh house always work best within groups united for a common purpose. The eleventh house is affiliated with Aquarius and rules the legs, calves and ankles. The malefics in this house bring despair, false friends, ruin and wicked children.

AFFLICTIONS: Heart function; injury or disease of the legs, calves and ankles; blood dyscrasia.


EMPOWERMENT Colors: Sky blue, orange



The capacity and need for friendship and the effect of these contacts on one's perspective are shown by the eleventh house. Sagittarius ruling the eleventh house is very favorable for friendships fostering optimism and camaraderie. The native enjoys famous friends and those that are loyal.


MOON in 11th HOUSE

The Moon in the eleventh, if well-aspected, indicates many friends especially among women. If afflicted, those who come to friendship do so in the hope that he or she may be of benefit to them. This position indicates a large circle of acquaintances of either a social or domestic character. It is good for family life and for socializing, giving ability to fraternize and mix easily with other people. If adversely aspected, especially by Mars or Uranus, it means disappointed ambitions, troubles, and sorrow and loss through those who come to the person under the guise of friendship.

PSYCHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: They have a powerful emotional need for friendship and group activities. The native's hopes, objectives and ambitions fluctuate with their moods. At times they have to be alone to stabilize their moods and feelings.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Edema of the legs, ankles.

Edema and swelling: Persons you will not let go of. The resolution is to release the past and old acquaintances.



The Moon trine Venus is a significator of a happy marriage when they occur in a man's horoscope. In a woman's horoscope this aspect operates upon the health, for the Moon is the planet of fecundity and has rule over the female functions. This aspect gives love of pleasure, music and art, and an engaging personality. These individuals tend to attain general success in life. It indicates an optimistic and generous disposition but with an emotional body of excessive desires. There is an open-hearted, honest, fair and friendly nature of such people make them universally popular, especially with the opposite sex. This aspect strengthens both the reasoning faculties and constitution. The native has a strong mind in a strong body, and a powerful personal magnetism which may be used in healing the sick. They usually have the power of acquiring wealth which will increase if used in philanthropic enterprises of which these people are prone. This is one of the best aspects for general success in life both physically and spiritually. A large part of their inspiration comes through interaction with others, and they may be emotionally crippled if such interactions are not a regular part of their lives. These individuals are upset by disharmony in their relationships as well as in their environments, especially in their domestic environments.

NORMERGIC TENDENCIES: Good vitality in females with other good aspects.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: An artistic past, singing, performing; close family ties, harmonious domestic lives.



Moon square Uranus indicates the native is erratic, oversensitive, overbearing, conceited, intolerant and shunned by all who get in their way. If the native is an employer, nobody can work for them and if they are employees nobody will have them. These individuals never remain very long in one place, but are either discharged or give up their positions on the slightest provocation. Frequent changes of residence are characteristic. There is also the tendency that something unusual or disruptive may affect the home life.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Mental derangement and chaos; peculiar symptoms when diseased or incurable; eye and visual disorders; digestive disorders, autointoxication; prone to drink and gluttony; nervousness and strain with suppression of functions. This is also a sign of food allergies and indigestion due to getting upset while eating. Also troubles in childbirth; edema.

NUTRITIONAL ASPECTS: Potassium deficiency with salt-protein overload, the native should drink distilled or reverse-osmotic water and drink plenty of fruit juices. Riboflavin (B-2) deficiency.

BENEFICIAL FOODS: Peanuts, bananas, oranges, spinach, mushrooms.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Death by drowning, suicide through intrigues with the opposite sex; sudden misfortunes, death by natural catastrophe or social upheaval.



Moon trine Neptune increases the faculty of imagination to a superlative degree. It favors prophetic dreams and visions which bring the person in contact with the invisible worlds. It indicates latent ability in the metaphysical arts and transcendental realms. It also indicates a kind and sympathetic disposition. The mind also has the ability to cull memories from the distant past if not the Akashic records. Keen emotional sensitivity is characteristic with close family ties. It displays a remarkable sense of timing, managing to be in the right place at the right time. These natives are usually able to take advantage of opportunities because their innate sixth sense leads them in the right direction, or in some cases, stops them from being misled or deceived.

NORMERGIC TENDENCIES: Prophetic visions.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Past lives in monasteries, churches or with spiritual groups.



At the twelfth house, the sky comes to an end, as one has performed his social or professional work in the eleventh. It is described as the house which closes the human cycle of life. They are either the Angels of Light beckoning to the beyond, or they are the dark Guardians of the Threshold, whose memories are shaped by frustrations, denials in life, fears and sins of omission. In the twelfth house we meet the results of our passive acceptance of that which was, or our spiritual rebellion that helped make a new world. We face the karma of society in a subconscious manner, or we face the karma of individuals who fought society for selfish interests, or for the sake of a better world.

The collective power of memories are witnessed in the twelfth house. What is called karma may be so great that it stifles the individual identity of the newborn, or drowns out the rhythm of a new cycle of the man facing the probability of rebirth. This results in the new cycle, becoming no more than a repeat of the last cycle. According to ancient Indian philosophy, the last thought held in death determines the pattern of the future incarnation. One of the stranger characteristics of our linear, Western society is its inability to think in terms of cyclical processes. Such a denial can be traced to a religious decision of the Council of Constantinople in the 5th century A. D. which prohibited the belief in reincarnation and other factors that began the era of the dark ages.

The twelfth house relates to sorrow, disappointment, loss, misfortune, the private hells, anguish, solitude or confinement, hidden fears and worry. It is considered by some as an "evil house", the house of restrictions and limitations, and detrimental spiritual or psychic conditions of the native. It is related to the sign Pisces. Its placement suggests the best way to deal with one's ghosts and products of the subconscious. The best way to deal with a shadow is to illuminate it by the use of lights focused upon it from a number of different directions. This process is utilized in past life regression therapy. Ghosts and shadows of the subconscious will vanish when subjected to the light of understanding and compassion.

If this house is unoccupied by planets, the native is generally not consciously confronted with its implications. He does not live in fear and accepts and works within the framework of his destiny. Not everyone in life is confronted with the spiritual issues of the twelfth house. Many indeed pass through life facing the material consequences of their conscious ambitions as revealed by the tenth house. If the twelfth house is occupied, the native has some matters in which to confront and work out as shown by the houses ruled by the occupying planets. The sign on the cusp of the twelfth shows the general tempo of inner spiritual matters in the native's life. Planets here indicate forms of introversion with emotions that build up until some form of illness manifests. Talking about their feelings through past life regression is the best remedy for twelfth house individuals. They need to learn that harboring envy, jealousy, and hatred invariably brings disease and misfortune. The karmic law applies.

AFFLICTIONS: Auto immune disorders, reduced thymus functions from negative thoughts; afflictions, hurts and injuries of the feet; lymphatic congestion; worry, brooding, despair and despondency.


EMPOWERMENT COLORS: Green, blue, white



The sign on the cusp of the twelfth house shows the general tempo of the native's inner spiritual values and motivations in life. These subconscious values and tendencies support the affairs and people in the native's life. Capricorn ruling the twelfth house indicates the native's spiritual preoccupations are limited and are to be considered on practical terms. These individuals are likely to have some unconscious fears which pose limitations on conscious expanse.