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Helios homoeopathic remedy: Aconite 30

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Skylark Books features a home-use range of Homoeopathic Remedies produced by Helios Homoeopathy Ltd.  If you would like to purchase homoeopathic remedies or books from this site, click here or on any of the homoeopathic remedy or book images on this page.

Homoeopathy at Skylark Books

Homoeopathy (or Homeopathy) is a system of healing based on the primary concept of treating 'like with like', i.e. that which can create symptoms of disease, can be applied in a modified form to effectively treat those same symptoms when found in a disease state.

A more comprehensive explanation with details of how a homoeopathic remedy is prepared, tested for its curative properties and how it is administered can be found on the Homoeopathy - an Introduction page of this site. Just click here.

There are many sites dedicated to homoeopathy. At Skylark Books we are representing the introductory and home user level of homoeopathy.  With a rudimentary understanding of just a small range of homoeopathic remedies, much can be achieved to alleviate a wide range of common conditions and complaints found in everyday life, including physical strains and injuries, emotional shocks, frights, acute fevers, coughs and colds, to name only a few.

More chronic and recurring conditions will require a comprehensive consultation with a qualified homoeopath, and any serious medical condition should also involve seeing your G.P. and taking appropriate medical advice along with homoeopathic treatment.

This site features 18 first aid or home-use homoeopathic remedies which can be purchased singly in convenient 4 gram single pill dispenser bottles, or as a set of all 18 remedies in a handy home-use portable remedy kit. This is known as the Helios Basic 18 Remedy Kit. (To view this kit in the shop, click here.) The kit comes with a small booklet which can serve as a guide to using the remedies but we would also recommend the book: A Basic Guide to Homoeopathy, which covers the uses of the remedies in more detail. (To view this book and others in the shop, click: Homoeopathy Books.)

All of our remedies are prepared by Helios Homoeopathy Ltd, a world-renown homoeopathic pharmacy in the U.K.

Skylark Books also sells a range of introductory and home-user books on homoeopathy.  At present we have a small but popular range of books on homoeopathy, covering the application of homoeopathy in first aid, children's ailments, women's ailments, emotional problems and also in the treatment of dogs, cats, horses, cattle and birds.

Our range of remedies and books will expand in the near future to include intermediate and practitioner level homoeopathy.


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