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Bach Flower Therapy - An Introduction

Preparation of Heather flower essence
using Dr. Bach's 'sunshine method'

Bach Flower Therapy has now been in use for over 60 years. Starting from the investigations of one man, Dr Edward Bach, in England in the 1930's, it has now spread into popular use on a worldwide scale

This form of therapy brings together two very important principles in the art of human healing. The first is that the source for chronic disorders, even long term physical states, is rooted in states of disorder in the human psyche (conflicts, shocks, fears, chronic anger, jealousy, etc.). The course of human life doesn't allow any of us to be exempt from experiencing a wide variety of psychological stresses and disturbances, even in early childhood, and we do our best to cope in spite of sometimes very traumatic experiences. Though we may seem to recover as time passes, often something is left within our psyche which has retreated more or less into the subconscious where it continues to influence our outlook and our very life from then on. Once cheerful and optimistic about life, we may find ourselves feeling somewhat anxious or cynical or apathetic in our everyday life. We are still suffering from the past and this subconscious strife finds expression in everything from our posture and gate to our physical stamina and our health - even to the point of serious physical conditions.

Since life all around us demonstrates an almost limitless capacity to recover and heal, if a condition of illness (dis-ease) is not resolving then it stands to reason that something is preventing it from doing so. In the case of human emotionally conditioned states, if the psychic disturbance can be rebalanced then there must necessarily by a natural resurgence in health.

This brings us to the second principle which is essential to this particular art of healing. Bach felt that the answer to problems of living must be found in the realm of the living. Historically and until recently, the vast majority of medicinal substances were found in the plant realm and Dr Bach felt that nature provides the best solutions to her own problems, and this includes human illness. He then set out to examine in the English countryside, a wide variety of plants and flowers to establish their healing properties. With a background in homoeopathy and familiarity with homoeopathic "pictures" of many plants and flowers, coupled with his own delicate insight into the qualities of individual plants, he was able to isolate 38 flowers for essential characteristics which match what he held to be the full spectrum of human emotional disorders. Each of the flowers he decided on relates to a particular emotional dysfunction, whether it be fear, mistrust, despair, anger, etc.

He then developed a method for extracting the subtle life quality or essence from the various flowers and preserving them in high quality brandy, which when bottled, are the form sold to practitioners and home users today.

His own prescribing gave remarkable results and generated a groundswell of interest which has expanded and continues to expand today with thousands of practitioners and home users trained in the simple art of remedy selection and prescribing.

The remedies are currently manufactured by two reputable sources in England, A. Nelson and Co. and Healing Herbs Ltd. Increasingly regarded for their exceptional quality, the latter of these is featured on this website.

For training in the use of Bach Flower Remedies, click here

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