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Bach Flower Remedies and Full Bach Flower Set from Healing Herbs

Bach flower remedies have been produced with the greatest care by Healing Herbs since 1989 in strict accordance with Dr. Bach's original instructions. (See also our Bach Centre Flower Remedies range.)

Bach Flower Remedies Packaged Set - 10 ml size
40 x 10ml Bach Flower Remedies Set

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The full range of 38 Bach flower remedies is available from Skylark Books in a convenient 10ml size as well as in the practitioner's economical 30ml size.

The ever-popular rescue remedy is labelled in the Healing Herbs range as Five Flower Remedy and consists of the traditional combination of Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem and Rock Rose.

The Healing Herbs range is also available as a packaged set in both the 10ml and 30ml sizes, and both at economical prices. See also our attractive and sturdy wooden cases for convenient remedy storage.

Bach Flower Remedies storage box

Bach Flower Remedies Storage Boxes
for 10ml and 30ml bottle sizes

Bach flower remedies, complete remedy sets, storage boxes and books can be purchased from this site. Just click on any of these underlined phrases to view these products in the shop.

Why choose Bach Flower Remedies from Healing Herbs?

The following points signify their authenticity and their quality:


each flower remedy from Healing Herbs is carefully produced exactly according to the original instructions of Dr Bach.


each bottle contains full strength concentrate, a dilution of 1:400 which is the correct and original dilution.


they are preserved in the best quality organic French brandy, imported specially for Healing Herbs. This is used at full strength (40% alcohol by volume) to better maintain the quality of the tincture's remedy essence.

Healing Herbs are retaining the 10ml bottle size, to be used as stock and this can be diluted down to dosage strength. There is enough in a 10ml bottle to make up more than 100 bottles at dosage strength.


For training courses in the use of Bach Flower remedies, please click here.


"Prompt delivery within the United Kingdom and overseas."

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Bach flower remedies and full remedy sets can be purchased in the shop. Just click here.