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Rudolf Steiner Books and Anthroposophy

Rudolf Steiner books on Anthroposophy, or Spiritual Science, are the compiled results of over 6,000 lectures which Rudolf Steiner gave over a period of 25 years between 1900 and 1925. His works also include written texts, articles, essays and plays which number in the dozens. All of his lectures and his written works are the fruit of his own spiritual investigations into the widest variety of subjects. He describes in concrete detail the nature of realms which exist 'outside' physical perception and the faculties in the human constitution which can be developed in order to perceive them.

Rudolf Steiner's books and lectures cover a vast range of subject matter from the basics of what constitutes a human being and what is his place in the world - in works like Theosophy and Rosicrucian Wisdom - to the evolution of worlds - as in An Outline of Occult Science and The Spiritual Hierarchies.

From the lofty and philosophical to the personal and practical, Steiner examines and describes the full compass of human and spiritual activity and always with concrete and detailed knowledge. Whether lecturing to doctors on the spiritual dimension of anthroposophical medicine, to teachers on the renewal of education, to agriculturalists on biodynamic farming, and to so many others in various fields, his illumination of the subject matter by examination of the spiritual dynamics which underlie and influence all sense-perceptible phenomena, has given encouragement and inspiration to thousands who are keen to understand more of life's experience than a purely materialistic explanation can provide.

Skylark Books currently stocks over 200 of his titles as well as a growing number of those by other anthroposophical authors.  Most titles have a separate page on the website giving a general description of the contents and soon these will include in-depth reviews as well.

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